Saturday, 24 December 2011

Low Tide03:26 (0.70m)
High Tide09:40 (2.50m)
Low Tide15:46 (0.70m)
High Tide22:01 (2.60m)
Sea temperature: 5.7
Sea conditions: calm and very high
Weather: Sunny, with the sun rising as we went in
Joined by: 3rd Constable and Murdo
Topics of conversation:
The weather - as always, we're English for crying out loud (although, to be fair, neither The 3rd Constable or Murdo are) and it was just glorious this morning. Having discussed recent nightmares at length yesterday, due to a particularly terrifying one which stayed with me all day, waking to this kind of a sunrise lifted the spirits. The tide was very high and I'd only just managed to jump over the water as it whizzed around the bridge, still rising - this made for excellent swimming conditions.
Welcome to The 3rd Constable and Murdo - the Constable's wife had mentioned that she didn't like the idea of his swimming on his own and so I'd given him our swimming times - it was lovely to see them and both are regular cold water swimmers. Murdo had been for a splash yesterday, after a long shingle run, so knew what to expect. There were serious discussions about techniques to help the body to become acclimatised and whether or not the fishing stool was of benefit, how shoes or boots make life easier on the stones and whether gloves is the way to go.
Welcome back The Pirate also, he'd had to dash up north due to a rapid deterioration of a dear friend's health, which has saddened the whole family. So hard at this time of year too. We all endeavoured to cheer him up but this time he really had reason to be Eyeore.
The Pirate's No 1 Son has returned home, and the list of culinary delights being prepared in the house made me salivate - having a proper chef in the house must be amazing, perhaps he could rent him out?
Mabel had managed to sneak down without her collar this morning, and the 'time to go home' game had an added twist. In order to catch her without a collar on you have to either trick her into coming over (she wise to this, so it seldom works) or tackle her to the ground. I think we probably need to work on an easier way.... she simply doesn't want to leave the beach. Mabel has her own heart on the Christmas tree and I think I'm jealous.

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