Tuesday, 13 March 2012

High Tide01:23 (2.60m)
Low Tide07:39 (0.50m)
High Tide13:50 (2.30m)
Low Tide19:50 (0.60m)
Sea temperature: 6.9
Sea conditions: Calm and very, very low (see above)
Weather: Grey but not much wind to speak of
Joined by: no one (except Lyla the dog, but she's family)
Topics of conversation:
Timing - we need to start moving to our earlier swimming time and we shall start this gradually over the next few days, tomorrow it'll be 7.45am and then we'll go to 7.30, but this might have to be readjusted once the clocks go forward later in the month. The idea is to make sure that the sun has risen and to make the most of our day. Once the weather warms up then The Pirate and I will often go for a second swim and this timing depends on a number of factors - weather, tides, dog walk and workload.
Places and Faces - a glossy magazine, whose title says it all, are running a feature on cold water swimming and have approached DK to see if he'd contribute his anecdotes. He'd already given them this blog to look at but now they want to come and take photos of us in the morning. Our reactions to this suggestion were pretty typical, DK is very relaxed about the whole thing, The Pirate has suggested that he might put a few pebbles down the front of his trunks for the full frontal and I've asked to be left out. DK was very kind and showed surprise that I wasn't happy to be photographed half naked when it's still winter body time, and mine will be 50 next year. He has since asked various other women's views and has found that it's not just me who feels uncomfortable! By way of a practice run this is a phone shot of The Pirate and I exiting the water without pebbles.

The dogs were very entertaining today as we had such a lot of sand. Lyla tried to eat my latest find - she thought it was a stick but it's actually more like half a boat and will be installed in my new Derek Jarman styled garden. DK very kindly helped me get it home as it was rather heavy.
Luna inspecting

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