Monday, 14 May 2012

High Tide06:47 (2.20m)
Low Tide12:05 (1.10m)
High Tide18:09 (2.20m)
Sea temperature: 10.7 on Saturday
Sea conditions: Rough, deep, cold and murky
Weather: really bloody cold. Much too cold for this time of year, wind, rain and grey with a tiny sliver of blue sky slowly disappearing over the horizon.

There goes the blue sky
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Topics of conversation:
Why are we here? This morning felt like one of those winter mornings when we question why we even bother, so we questioned why we bother - it's May for crying out loud and it was just foul on the beach. The Pirate has been away and so he was determined, but even he wanted to get out once we got in. The shelf was particularly steep and the waves were breaking on it so once we were in the trough there was no joy to be had, just a struggle to remain buoyant, fight the undertoad and avoid the crashing waves. The undertoad is powerful today. We didn't last longer than a couple of minutes.
The Pirate had had a nasty fall in Yorkshire and this was another reason not to take too much of a risk as his elbow has a nasty 'Owwy' on it. Owwies are what his granddaughter calls evidence of what my mother-in-law calls 'buptidoos'. We exchanges tumble terms as I'd had an argument with a slab of concrete and have a 'crook' toe. Most of these terms are pretty self explanatory; an ouchy, a whoops-crash, and even what The Pirate apparently said too loudly in front of a stationary bus full of passengers when he took his tumble - an ohshit.

The incident of the dog in the night time - I'm not quite sure what this would be called but poor old Bosco had not been well in the night and so The Pirate had not had a good start to the day either, but they both seemed well recovered and Bosco put up with Mabel stealing his newly found ball and shredding it in front of him with characteristically good humour.
Yorkshire - The Pirate and his wife have just returned from a trip and had a lovely time, finding yet another great B&B through Alistair Sawday's Special Places to Stay site, which I'm putting in here so that I remember next time we need one. Apparently the countryside up there has really benefited from the weather and is even greener than the Hockneys.
The beach hut - The Swimmers now have full use of The Vicar's Wife's beach hut. I spent a few hours at the weekend clearing it out whilst Mertz watched that football match with DK and his son - about which there was a lot of chat this morning, even The Pirate had heard about it! The hut hadn't been opened for a couple of years as it needed digging out and the charity has just had a digger in to help hold back the dunes. The mice and other critters had taken it over so brooms, buckets of bleach, bin liners and scrubbing brushes were needed, but by the time he made it down to the beach yesterday evening the dogs and I were settled in with a table and chairs, a wok burner, coffee, tea and a hole in the sand for a wine bucket. The Vicars Wife brought down some lovely 70's curtains and the look was complete: Shabitat. Once the cleaning smell has gone we shall put it to use, in fact we should have done so this morning it was so cold. I'd had a typical village text from her on Sunday morning:
GR8 text speak from The Vicar's Wife

Mouse proof? I wonder
The last of the sun

Wine bucket

Boogie board as a bed
The bris - The Poet didn't join us today, his nephew is being circumcised and this led to uncomfortable conversations about later life circumcisions. It's a good job that The Buddhist wasn't here as he is also a Urologist (an Urologist? Doesn't sound right) and would have gone into detail.
The Weather in the US, which is apparently in the 80's where Legs is. Blimey, send some over here would you Legs? Saturday gave us a taste of what it could be like at this time of year and we had all revelled in it. It was lovely yesterday morning too, I spent the whole day in shorts.
The Bridge - DK is being good. He promised Legs not to watch it till she gets home so for a change I am further ahead than he is, hmmmm... what's it worth?

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