Monday, 24 September 2012

High Tide05:20 (2.30m)
Low Tide11:54 (0.90m)
High Tide18:47 (2.30m)
Sea temperature: not taken - too rough to hold on to the thermometer
Sea conditions: ROUGH
Weather: Weird post-storm warmth
Joined by: Mertz (Sara and The Poet joined again yesterday)
Topics of conversation:
The storm - it had started in the afternoon with "lashing", as DK now calls all rain, even drizzle. This was not drizzle, it was stair-rod rain accompanied by winds from the north. We'd been down to the beach at about 5 and the sea was the roughest I've seen for a long time, currents coming from all directions and the waves crashing over the harbour wall as the tide rose. The new wall on the north side is finished and gives a sense of security but also seems to visually amplify the high water as the edge is now so straight and clean. A couple had come down to see if they could surf, but the water was too lively and the wind too strong to lift their boards, so they were just throwing themselves into the water and rolling back. By the time it was dark trees has started shedding smaller branches and this morning the roads in the village are littered with twigs. It's really hard to tell how safe the water is from the shore as we can't gauge the height of the waves or the current properly. The Pirate sent Mertz in to test the water (rather than trusting him to tell us if it's safe we've found it's easier to just watch). As soon as he'd lifted his feet for a moment he was 100 yards down the beach and under water, so The Pirate and I stayed out whilst DK bobbed in the shallows. I'm particularly aware of the Undertoad at this time of year.
Deceptively calm looking

The storm had eroded the beach
Further up the beach we could see a large black shape, which had been washed ashore so went to investigate, it was a decent sized lump of sea peat, with all kind of 'matter' encased in it. At least it's unlikely to float down to the swimming area. Usually it breaks up and I've read that it's popular with anglers for keeping lugworms in as fishing bait, so perhaps they will come and help themselves.
Sea peat pretending to be a seal

DK's buptidoo - he'd been out in the storm last night to retrieve Mabes, who was shouting at the hedgehog again and forgotten that they have foundations for their kitchen extension dug but not covered... luckily he's fine.
Jackpot - we'd seen it last night and as the cast are nearly all in Lilyhamer I thought DK and Legs might enjoy it but Mertz reminded me that I have a sick sense of humour and that not everyone finds nail guns in the forehead and bodies being recycled into Christmas trees amusing. 

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