Sunday, 7 October 2012

High Tide03:14 (2.40m)
Low Tide09:12 (1.00m)
High Tide15:47 (2.20m)
Low Tide21:21 (1.10m)
Sea temperature: 13.7
Sea conditions: calm, moody with wisps of mist floating across the surface, air temperature 4.2
Weather: crisp, no wind, stunning skies and sunrise
Joined by: Sara and The Poet, The Shaman, albeit briefly.
Topics of conversation:
The brewery - Sara and The Poet were first down to the shore and were speculating about the wisps of mist as there was a strong smell in the air and we are all so fire conscious now, having had a house in the village burn almost to the ground a couple of months ago. The smell was the brewery and it had hit me as I'd taken the dogs out at dawn, before the mist had risen and when the smell was much sweeter. I really don't like the smell of beer but the smell of the hops and burnt sugar is totally different and reminds me of staying with my Aunt in Southwold as a child, her house was near Adnams and we'd wake to that smell and then Uncle Harry would take me to see the dray horses in the yard.

Winter kit - Sara, now that she's been well and truly bitten by the swimming bug, has been shopping for kit to keep her going through the winter. Whilst she already has a range of wetsuits with different length arms, legs and necks, as well as the Twat Hat and gloves, she's realised that it's almost more important to be able to get changed into warm clothes once the weather starts to get cold. We had long discussion about handwarmers as DK is the expert, his hands need to be looked after for all that ivory tinkling. There are so many options and his certainly work well, they are the kind which need to be boiled and then they cool, and stay cool till you click the metal disc inside, making them instantly hot again. Clever stuff. Mine is great but last year I often had trouble getting it to light in the morning (also i have put it in a safe pace and can't find it) so I might consider some new ones. I gave my new winter costume it's first outing this morning and was very happy with it, it's got short legs and it makes the entry into the cold water much easier. It's not one of the proper posh triathlete ones but I may have to invest in one of those later as I've decided not to put on weight in order to keep my arse warm this year. I've got past the age when Barbara Cartland said that "a woman has to chose between her face and her ass" and my "ass" won this year. Sara has already taken delivery of dry sacks and a wonderful garment, I don't quite know what to call it, but it's a robes/kaftan thing made of towelling, inside which she can change when it's cold and windy, it has a hood and is rather stylish (although we decided that the arm holes were a tad exposing, being so large). 

Nature writing - The Poet has a project. He explained that he's chosen a particular walk, which I know well, to record and write about, including pictures and we discussed the various methods he could use to present and record it. Regardless of the route he takes I hope he makes it accessible to all so that I can see it. He'd seen some interesting mushrooms on it yesterday and there was much debate about whether they will be eaten or not. The Pirate's Wife had asked me to investigate their fridge yesterday to see if the ones she'd found on her allotment were edible, which they would have been had their fridge not frozen them solid. We are all becoming a little mushroom obsessed, I've even bought an app to help, although I've been a mushroom picker for years I still like to have back up. It has the most wonderful disclaimer.

Maths - I've got 4 hours of maths to do today, not just marking homework but completing my own for my course, I've got an exam coming up next month and I've got a couple of blank spots - upper and lower bounds being the biggest hurdle I've yet to jump, so I'd better stop blogging and get on with it. I've got to make the most of Mertz being away for a few days though - taptaptaptaping away to my heart's content and playing loud music...

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