Saturday, 23 February 2013

Low Tide02:45 (0.80m)High Tide09:29 (2.20m)Low Tide14:57 (0.90m)High Tide21:14 (2.30m)
Sea temperature: not taken (see below)
Sea conditions: rough, too rough for me but DK went in and battled the undertoad gamely for about 3 minutes before dragging himself out 
Weather: nasty north wind blowing through us and trying to take DK's towel
Joined by: just DK and I today, still no sign of The Pirate and the other two are not here
Topics of conversation:
The Pirate - he is much missed and especially on days like today when, even though he would be unlikely to swim, he would rage at the sea and wind for keeping him out of the water. It's understandable that he is staying away as he must get fully well and the sea isn't making it easy to get in. I didn't go in today, the run of bad health continues in our house and I've finally given in and had to take the dreaded penicillin as my eye socket has stared to swell again. This combined with the rough sea is not a good combination but if the water hasn't calmed by tomorrow I don't care, I'm going in, I'm beginning to suffer swimmers blues. If I feel like this goodness knows how The Pirate must feel, he's not been in for over 2 weeks.
Al Alvarez - he understands all about this state of mind, D K has leant me his brother's precious copy of Pond Life (Guardian Review link) which has me in it's thrall. Brother Mike is a good friend of Alvarez and swims with him in the ponds, I am only in the first third of the diary format memoir but its simplicity gets you straight to the point. I'm aware that things don't improve where his health is 
concerned as the book progresses, but the way he writes on the blessing of being able to swim in cold water, whatever your age, rings true here too. I asked DK about the ponds, which were once his stamping ground too and have decided that I must make a trip and try them for myself. It's a shame I don't get on better with my in laws as they live just down the road.
My entries will be shorter and without pictures for a while as I am without a computer (which is also my dvd player/TV/radio) and find typing anything of any length on my work iPad a pain, please forgive me for this. It remains to be seen whether the issue is terminal or that I can get away with a new power source. Fingers crossed.

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