Sunday, 20 October 2013

Beware of The Undertoad

Low Tide05:44 (0.70m)
High Tide11:53 (2.70m)
Low Tide18:09 (0.60m)

Sea temperature: not taken
Sea conditions: good
Weather: beautiful
Joined by: DK, Mertz, Sara and The Poet and The Tattooed Man.
Topics of conversation:
Just the one - The Incident - DK and The Pirate are lucky to be alive. The swim yesterday had changed everything for a moment, if not forever. The Sea had reminded DK, The Pirate and Abs who is in charge here. Each of them has their own version of the incident but the common theme is that they each thought their days were numbered and that yesterday was their last. 
Having raged all night, the water was rough and the wind was strong. This combined with the post lunar eclipse tide made it lethal, but not obviously so from the shore. Once they got in though it quickly became obvious that they were being pulled out and Abs turned immediately to get out, but couldn't. She got tumbled by the water and had to fight her way against the water into her depth and drag herself to the shore, by which time DK and The Pirate were in serious difficulty and DK was calling out for help. Abs was exhausted by his time but made her way south as they were being dragged along and out. DK was doing what he could to help The Pirate to stay upright whilst staying afloat, out of his depth and swallowing water. The Sea took mercy at this point and a 'friendly wave' lifted them into the shallows, but they still had to get through the churning water and fight the undertoad to safety. By this time all three were exhausted and DK said it was all he could do to flop onto his back on the shingle to catch his breath. 
The benefits of swimming all year round remain unchallenged, but the gung ho attitude with which some of us take the water on will change. The Tattooed man had been in before them and warned about the current, he's large, physically fit, lifts slabs for a living and is tattooed from to to toe, so a good barometer for those in our group who feel  invincible.
On a personal note I regret leaving the hut in the early hours of the morning, having spent the night moon gazing, instead of being there at 7.30 as I'm the consistent voice of fear in the face of The Sea and I've promised The Pirate's Wife to bully The Pirate in the future, if needs be, but I hope there will be no need. I feel particularly bad having promised Legs not to let DK drown in her absence. Sorry Legs, he didn't drown, but I should've been there. Counting our blessings, again.

In other news, I found an orange which had floated ashore.

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