Monday, 20 January 2014

High Tide 00:34 (2.60m)
Low Tide 06:47 (0.60m)
High Tide 13:04 (2.30m)
Low Tide 18:37 (0.80m)
Sea temperature: 6
Sea conditions: calm
Weather: cold, frosty, no wind - at last
Joined by: The Poet and The LE
Topics of conversation:
DK is not well - such a shame as Legs is finally home for a stay of execution. Get well soon.
The shifting shape of the beach - there has been a dramatic change in the shingle bank overnight, we now have a small cliff of stones near the river and sand seems to be returning with the tide. Islands of smooth and very soft sand have appeared and we had to do a double dip this morning in order to reach the deep stuff. And no, I haven't messed with the colours of these shots from my phone, the sky colour was changing by the minute.

I got my timings wrong today and was in a rush to get off - no need after all, hence time to do this post. I'm off on a jolly today to do some research, visit an exhibition and meet my BGF to celebrate her birthday as her husband has bought her a spa day for 2, and I'm lucky to be her 'sparring partner', as The Pirate put it. The exhibition is part of the Arts Catalyst and based on artists examining our relationship with the moon.

The above is taken from work by one artist who is responding to a story from 1630's by Bishop Francis Godwin about a journey to the moon in a chariot towed by geese. As we the others swam we were joined by both the moon and a skien of geese reminding me that inspiration driven by nature is timeless, something I'm exploring with a new project.

Burns night - The Ellies are celebrating, one of them being a Scot and all, and we are invited. I've never been to a Burns Night before so I'm very excited, shall have to go and dig out a kilt as I just googled it and this came up: “Setting a dress code can also help get people in the mood so if you’re holding a traditional night then encourage guests to wear something tartan to get in to the spirit of things.”

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