Wednesday, 2 April 2014

High Tide 00:38 (2.70m)
Low Tide 06:57 (0.40m)
High Tide 13:08 (2.50m)
Low Tide 19:07 (0.50m)
Sea temperature: not taken
Sea conditions: good, very low tide (see above) coming in fast (see below)
Weather: misty and slightly damp
Joined by: The Usual Suspects
Topics of conversation:
All were forgotten due to the activities of The Artist, who joined us this morning to take in the majesty of the tide, she was not swimming so looked very stylish in her huge, black, felt swing-backed coat and beret (how does she manage to look so stunning first thing?) and was not dressed for getting wet. This was something she should have considered when she walked with us across the sand spit, to the water's edge. We all swam and Jess walked with The Artist to make sure The Poet was safe, as she often does. She came back with him, Jess that is, not The Artist. The Artist remained on the spit, looking artistic and creating a wonderful silhouette agains the silver sky. We began to get changed and I noticed Jess looking concerned and trotting up and down in front of us, and I commented to The Poet that she seemed to be worried about The Artist. Moments later it became apparent that there was reason for Jess's concern as she became cut off by the rising tide and was marooned on the rapidly decreasing spit. Quick as a flash The Poet ran to her rescue, whilst it could have been serious our tides are shallow and we did have a laugh... sorry about 'wobbly-cam' I was laughing too much...

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