Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Health and sea conditions allowing, for the past year or so I've been swimming in the sea with DK and The Pirate. On occasion the swim is reduced to a baptism by rough seas and winds, but generally we get wet and manage to lift our feet from the sand and shingle.

Recently, due to the good weather, we've been joined by friends, villagers, (LOTVs) and visitors. When one of them commented that overhearing our daily conversations akin to watching a niche 'fly on the wall' documentary about english madness I thought I'd start a new blog so that I can recall the wonderful insights, views and stories I'm lucky enough to hear whilst contemplating the sea. I'm privileged to be able to swim in the sea each day and even more so that I have the good company and moral support of DK and The Pirate.

First Post:

Sea temperature: 18 degrees
Sea condition: calm, tide receding, not too murky
Weather: overcast and grey, gentle breeze, sun trying hard to break through over the sea
Joined by: 2 LOTVs (ladies of the village) inc. Vicar's wife.
Topics of conversation:

The Pirate's tardiness

DK's birthday cakes and the kindness of the Summer Theatre troupe

The Pirate has a good working knowledge of sanskrit but has forgotten the word for tomorrow, he has promised to look it up for a week now. He also explained that there are 2 kinds of plural in sanskrit, e.g. you have a word for elephant, another for elephants but a special word for 2 elephants. I like that.

Sprollies - a dog that is a mix of a springer and a collie, I met one on the way to the beach, it was a beautiful looking dog and we discussed the merits and otherwise of dogs with brains, assuming that the sprollie would have more that its fair share. There's an English Setter that usually passes us each morning and The Pirate claims that they have brains the size a a pheasant's, on balance I think we decided that brains may be more challenging in a dog, but ultimately more satisfying for an owner. Which lead on to discussions about dogs habits and...

The derivation of the word 'scatological' due to the black dog's behaviour on the previous day, DK was disarmed that whilst being the prime user of scatological language, The Pirate was not aware of it's meaning. I looked it up: 
 The study of fecal excrement, as in medicine, paleontology, or biology.
a. An obsession with excrement or excretory functions.
b. The psychiatric study of such an obsession.
3. Obscene language or literature, especially that dealing pruriently or humorously with excrement and excretory functions. 

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