Friday, 29 July 2011

Low Tide03:44 (0.90m)
High Tide10:15 (2.40m)
Low Tide16:21 (0.70m)
High Tide22:52 (2.30m)

Sea conditions: very calm, rippling waves
Sea Temperature: Not taken
Weather: Had been sunny but clouded over, no wind to speak of
Joined by: 2 LOTVs and Mertz

Topics of conversation:

The dangers of retrieving lost inflatables at sea, I'd tried on my evening swim to grab a large rubber ring making its way to Holland and failed. In fact it was a bit of a break through as I would not normally have turned back with the goal so near, but decided that I know the sea better now and couldn't trust it so I let a man in a kayak fetch it for the small person, who was very grateful.
Cape cod - can you catch cod there? Mertz asked the question as DK will be fishing there in a couple of weeks and the temptation was too great. As DK hasn't fished in Cape Cod before we speculated about what he would catch and upon other coastal place name possibilities: Haddock Bay, Cape Kipper etc.
Proper swimming and how getting in and submerging yourself up to your waist in calm water cannot, repeat Mertz, cannot actually be called swimming.
'This is your Life' experiences, DK and I had both been involved in filming episodes for different reasons. My back stage involvement was in attempting to keep Keith Floyd sober and in the right place to be handed the red book whilst DK guested with various Goodies as well as with Barry Cryer. Apparently Bill Oddie, almost refused to take part, in fact he did refuse when surprised by Eamonn Andrews whist bird watching (unsurprisingly) but was persuaded to take part by his daughter, who threatened to leave home if he didn't. He ended up having a lovely day.
Embarrassing TV watching experiences. The Pirate recalled asking one of the nuns if they could watch The Goodies at prep school only to be horrified by the first scene which involved suggestive comedy fumbling under the sheets. The TV went straight off again. It reminded us all of that uncomfortable time, watching TV with parents when you suddenly become aware of the jokes which had previously been hidden to you in children's programmes - put there for the sole purpose of keeping the adults amused. The Pirate had this in reverse with his kids, when watching The Simpsons and finding humour where they didn't.

Bizarrely, having just been discussing Barry Cryer's 'This is Your Life' we then bumped into his son as we left the beach. He's is staying in the village on holiday. Things like that happen here. Odd.

No song today :(

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