Friday, 16 September 2011

It's been a while since I last 'blogged' as I've had other things on my mind. Rather than posting a normal day today I'll try to sum up the last week:

The water was rough for at least 4 days and there were 2 No Swim mornings for The Pirate and I, although DK insisted on a baptism each day. He was dragged down the beach for a bit, got out shook himself down and carried on with the day. Mertz has joined us whenever he's been in the village and he also braved the high winds and rough water in the hope, I am sure, of clearing his name and not being referred to as 'The Jessy' any longer. The Pirate and I felt so hard done by that when the evening brought sun and low tide we went in then instead, and whilst it was rough, the light was amazing, crisp and twinkly at the same time. It was still choppy and we actually ended up being thrown together by a wave at one point, no serious injuries, just a tangle of limbs.

By Wednesday the sea had calmed down and the temperatures had settled, with the sea remaining at around 16.5 for the rest of the week. Thursday brought what, on reflection, was my favourite swim of the year. The sun was low, the moon was still up and having completed my sun salutations in the dunes I found that once I was in the calm sea I could swim a good distance and also stand motionless in the water. I cast a shadow with my arms, which pointed directly at the moon. I was so tempted to swim that night to see if I could cast a moon shadow too, but felt that would be too risky on my own and after 2 glasses of Sauvignon Blanc...

The conversation has been shorter as it's been so much cooler and we don't hang about much on the beach after our swim, but below are a few:

  • How to loose weight on doctor's orders without giving up booze
  • Tea addiction - The Pirate drinks at least 8 cups a day
  • Dogs that poo on command
  • Forming your own opinions about people, rather than listening to anyone else
  • The Killing (actually that's a daily topic at the moment, what with the US series ending and the Danish one about to start)
  • Churches and their supporters - flower festivals included
  • The Panto, (it's not a panto)
  • The need for gloves, or not. I've just ordered my new ones.
  • The joy of Autumn

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