Saturday, 24 September 2011

Low Tide02:02 (1.10m)
High Tide08:18 (2.40m)
Low Tide14:36 (0.80m)
High Tide21:20 (2.40m)

Sea temperature: 16.4
Sea conditions: Calm with a swell, deep and clear.
Weather: Sunny and bright
Joined by: Mertz (he's really getting into this but still says "this is going to be my last swim of the year" every time he swims).
Topics of conversation:
How beautiful the mornings are and how we've had some of the best swims of the year in the last couple of weeks. It really has been glorious weather and as we were leaving the beach we bumped into one of the Lurcher Girls who told us she'd just been listening to a radio report on the theory that it's going to be a long, warm Autumn, despite the Daily Wail's scaremongering about snow storms next month.

These are few of my 7.30am phone shots from the last few days.

Mable - DK and Legs and The Twerp were going to meet Mable this morning, she is a Parson's Jack Russell and they just might consider allowing her to be their new four legged friend. We wait with baited breath, but I know where my money lies...
Strictly speaking we spoke about this yesterday but as we talked about evening swims I feel within my rights to note that The Pirate and I had a close encounter of the naked kind. We had agreed to get in touch at the end of the day if both of us were free and the weather was fine enough. When I hadn't heard from him by 5 I decided to call but got no answer so set off in the direction of the marshes to walk the dogs with my swimming things on my back. As I got near to the beach I saw the unmistakable silhouette of The Pirate on the horizon so quickened my step to see if I could catch up. As I got to the dunes I shouted his name (his real one not "The Pirate" as that could have been seen as odd by the couple walking towards me on the beach) but the wind was in the wrong direction and he was on a mission. Then I twigged - he was heading south, to the unpopulated section of the beach - clearly not brought his trunks. So I turned smartly around and went in the other direction, where I swam in a calm and warm sea, without embarrassing a blissfully unaware, naked pirate. Of course it was too much of a story not to wind him up with it the next day though.
Another thing we talked about a few days ago, but which keeps being mentioned is New York breakfasts. DK described, brilliantly, his discomfort at being in a New York breakfast bar for the first time in the late 60's and trying to decide what he wanted, too late and in front of a breakfast chef performing to the crowd. He worked out that saying "do you think I possibly could have some eggs" was not really the right way to go - "Possibly?? EGGS?! EGGS?! Howdya want 'em? Come on! Come on!" and so on was the response and DK did his impersonation with gusto. It's now become the way in which he chivvies The Pirate up when he's not taking and doing. In fact both he and Mertz were still hanging about be the beach huts this morning whilst the dogs and I were nearly by the sea because they couldn't walk and talk at the same time.
Trappist beer - The Twerp had been drinking some serious beers with us in the pub last night and we had all been tasting them, one in particular was amazing, it almost tasted like and espresso and was 11.3% proof, our local serves some really unusual beers but we seldom try them.
Willow the dog was a bit under the weather this morning, she and her mother had a head on collision in the garden first thing when they both tried to catch the neighbour's cat and she's really not herself, she was allowed to lie on Mertz's coat.

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