Saturday, 21 January 2012

oops...just found this in drafts...

High Tide06:19 (2.40m)
Low Tide12:41 (0.80m)
High Tide19:09 (2.20m)

Sea temperature: I don't remember if we took it today but it felt warmer

Sea conditions: calm, deep lovely swimming sea

Weather: grey, had been raining

Joined by: no one

Topics of conversation:

Tide timetables - DK's new ones had arrived and the print is so tiny that they are almost illegible, especially when it's grey and you need glasses. DK has always been rather disparaging of my Tidesplan app. and today I was able to compare. His table said high tide was at 06:18, the app. said 06:20 the national tide times website said 06:19 (see above) as did the BBC. Such a tiny discrepancy that I think we can rely on the app. which is legible, full colour and shows sunrise, sunset and has a lovely little picture of a boat on the graph!

Bosco's daughter been to visit and The Pirate was telling me that she is one of those dogs who is a total mix of both parents, looks like her mum but has Bosco's temperament. His temperament is much misunderstood by one of the village elders, who once experienced him getting cross and has since thought he's a monster - nothing could be further from the truth and I only wish he could have seen Bosco this morning as Mabel was jumping up, attempting to snog him whilst he played with his special stone on the beach. He swore at her a couple of times but who wouldn't?

The lure of the starlings is like a siren drawing me onto the marsh. I went for a walk yesterday evening as it was growing dark and again saw the starlings starting to gather, so I walked towards them, as they drifted south. They are so seductive as they start to form shapes in the sky and before I knew it I was out beyond the deepest part of the marsh, heading towards the forest. Once I'd started to watch them I had to wait till they had roosted and the flock got bigger and bigger as little black balls of birds appeared on the horizon and were soon swallowed by the Great Dark Mass. The GDM got lower and lower, floating up and down as they began to drop, by now I'd been watching for 45 minutes and the dogs were investigating the reeds. Suddenly Willow stood on her hind legs and began to growl the deepest growl I'd ever heard her sound, she sounded like a wolf and I have to admit to being a little alarmed, especially when Luna joined in and they both stared at the reeds, shouting a the tops of their voices. With relief I saw a white shape drifting towards us in the dyke below, a lone swan minding its own business. The Pirate asked what I would have done if it had been a person and I'm not sure to be honest, but we agreed that he would have looked otherworldly coming out of the mist on the marsh with his long hair floating in the breeze!

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