Friday, 27 April 2012

High Tide02:50 (2.20m)
Low Tide08:27 (0.90m)
High Tide15:01 (2.30m)
Low Tide21:05 (0.80m)
Sea temperature: not taken - see below
Sea conditions: shallow and rough, too rough to take the thermometer in with us
Weather: breezy, but warm, the sun was out most of the time but there were a few fluffy clouds
Joined by: Legs and Mabel briefly and The Canadian as we got out.
Topics of conversation:
The Pirate and I discussed our mothers. His is recently returned form a stint in hospital and a nursing home and the family is rallying around to support her and find professional care. He has been very down recently as a result and the sea is a necessity to keep his spirits up, so despite the rough water he fought his way out, through the crashing waves and uneven sea bed, DK and I keeping close, but taking the piss of course. My Mother has recovered well from her dog incident but the wounds on her hand is so bad that she has to go to the surgery daily to have it inspected. I hadn't realised that if an animal bite is very deep and it has reached the bone then there is a risk that the bone could become infected and they were concerned that this may have been the case, but having inspected under the wound they now seem confident that this is not so in her case. Her neck is bruised and inflamed but she seems cheery enough now that she realises how lucky she was. The poor owner of the offending dog took a tumble yesterday and has broken her wrist. It's really not been her week.  I'd met St. David on the way to the beach, he is the gentleman who drove my Mother home from the shop, blood pouring from her wound all over his car, he knows my schedule well enough to know that I'd be in the sea when it happened and so drove her home and waited for me in the driveway to fill me in. He also rescued the dog owner and took her to hospital yesterday and today, hence his new name.
Deep Heat - as mentioned previously I have been advised to try it to keep my leg warm during my swim and The Pirate said he could smell it straight away, something about it taking him back to his school days...! It didn't work, I might as well have been rubbing moisturiser into my leg and so The Pirate suggested I try some special muscle gels that his recently deceased friend had bought in bulk and on mass (to the tune of £600 worth). This was very kind and I did indeed pick up a pot of day and night gels on the way home. Unfortunately they didn't really suit me either and I very quickly developed a nasty rash, not only all over my leg but also on my wrists where I didn't wash it off after application. I've just about stopped rinsing my skin now (it's 4.30pm)!

This is just where my arm has touched my leg, so imagine the state of my leg

The CD - DK has produced a wonderful CD of various mixes of B's singing from the other day. I'll attempt to get it up here at the weekend.
The Canadian came over and warned us that here's a dead seal on the beach - locals be aware.

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