Monday, 16 April 2012

Low Tide01:28 (0.60m)
High Tide08:25 (2.30m)
Low Tide14:00 (1.10m)
High Tide19:56 (2.20m)
Sea temperature: 8.2 yesterday
Sea conditions: Smooth with strong current and waves breaking on the ridge.
Weather: Sunny, hard frost overnight
Joined by: The Poet and Legs
Topics of conversation:
Would the full team be back? This was my first swim in 10 days due to the hamstring and being away from home and DK was late, and we weren't sure if he'd be there as he's still not 100% but he turned up with Mabel and Legs for support and we were whole again! The Poet thought I might be struck by a bolt of cold, freezing my leg and sending me into spasm, but not so, in fact I think it has really helped. I just swam for a short while, breast stroke only and now that I have soaked in a hot shower for an indulgently long time I feel remarkably OK. Arnica massage balm also helps (rub towards the heart), but I'm not sure that the way I smell now will be appreciated by the student I am working with this morning, her sense of smell isn't great so I might get away with it.

Dog friendly hotels - we just returned from Mertz's birthday weekend and we stayed at The Pear Tree in Purton, which is the most dog friendly hotel I've stayed in. We were greeted by towels, treats and bowls for the dogs and the owners were delighted to allow them free range of their 7 acres of gardens and vineyard. They do special dog friendly deals, with 4 course dinner included, great food, if a little 'Masterchef' in attitude and a wonderful wine list. It was Mertz's weekend so we were on a schedule and whilst it's always good to get away, it's rather good to be back.

 River swimming - I'd contemplated the Thames this weekend, we were close to the sources when we visited the Cotswold Water Park and the water was clear and inviting but there were too many cows about. The Poet has walked at the acclaimed source and found a spring and further down the water starting to flow, he'd also been there after flooding and found part of the area under water, having to wade through. There is some great walking once you are away from the developments and we walked the Thames path for some distance, coming across water meadows full of snakes head fritillaries and a strange willow sculpture, hidden in the wooded banks.

The Pirate's pants - I'd found a pair of trunks on the beach and hung them in a tree yesterday evening on my return and only when I got home did I realise that they could have been his. I retrieved them this morning and, if you are reading this dear Pirate, they will be returned to you tomorrow!

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