Sunday, 9 December 2012

High Tide05:55 (2.40m)
Low Tide12:27 (0.70m)
High Tide19:10 (2.30m)
Sea temperature: not taken
Sea conditions: shallow with a few rolling waves
Weather: Warmer, sun escaping through a gap on the horizon
Joined by: Brother Mike
Topics of conversation:
It was lovely to see Mike again, and he's here for a a couple of days as he'll be Mabel sitting whilst DK and Legs are in London. He's a regular cold water swimmer and the temperature in the ponds, where he takes his daily dip is around 3 degrees at the moment. We discussed which is easier, colder water that is still, or our warmer temperatures with waves. I felt I'd probably chicken out if the water didn't feel as if it was coming to take me but Brother Mike said he found the waves harder as you have no control over how you immerse yourself, which is part of the joy for me.
The Canadian and his wife had been round for and early evening sauna followed by venison stew last night and we were still eating cheese at the dinner table at midnight, so although I'd had too much to eat and too much to drink I had had certainly not had too much sleep and was trying to shake off cheese dreams and fuzzy head, so the cold water was most remedial. They'd told us about a day spent near Whistler, where they used to live, when the skiing wasn't any good so they'd followed some friends off into the hills where they knew of a some hots springs. The whole day was spent bathing and drinking beer by the pools, so beer was allowed in the sauna for the first time. I stuck to spiced apple at this stage but my abstemiousness didn't last long.
Theatre seats - DK was most put out when he discovered that our seats for the Opening Night were in row Q or some such, so he rang the producer to question his judgement only to be told that the reason for this is that the press have booked 150 seats. I can't work out if this is a good thing or a bad thing (story of my life really) because it's great that there are so many of them wanting to come, but having been teaching probability and averages recently I'm aware that the more bums on seat the more possible a bad review is. There again, lots and lots of good reviews has to be a good thing. It's all very exciting and Legs and I had been trying clothes out for the event at their house. I discovered that she has 2 resident Gok Wans. Both DK and No. 1 Son are honest and great at casting a critical eye over an outfit, they took me from thinking that I couldn't possibly wear either outfit I'd dug out of the box marked "posh" under the bed to feeling happy with both. What a relief. I know where to go in times of clothing crisis in the future. 
We also coined a new phrase due to autocorrect on my text message to Legs offering 'girly' input on her outfit in return. The phone turned it into 'Gorky', which now means looking glam on a shoestring by digging out old stuff we've had for years and accessorising with New Look. We've even agreed to swap shoes halfway through the evening as I'm feeling rather guilty that I've ended up with a new pair of hers as part of my outfit - thanks boys!
The Killing - the usual banter about the fact that DK had watched it and I hadn't, he's got me intrigued though with his raised eyebrows. Only an hour to wait now till Mertz gets' back from the pub and I finish catching up on Merlin in front of the fire, perfect winter evening - what will I do next winter, with no Merlin and no Killing?!

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