Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Low Tide 05:04 (0.70m)
High Tide 11:21 (2.50m)
Low Tide 17:15 (0.80m)
High Tide 23:34 (2.60m)
Sea temperature: 8.8

Sea conditions: perfect
Weather: perfect
Joined by: The Poet and The Bridge Captain
Topics of conversation:
The perfect day - I had missed a week due to ill health and had just begun to feel the psychological impact, although that could have been the antibiotics which always make me miserable. God how I had missed it. I'd been down to say hello yesterday but had been housebound for a few days and that doesn't suit me. I'd rather be outside-bound. It was a glorious day to be back though, the temperatures had dropped to 2 degrees and the water is at what The Pirate calls "Half Christmas" as it's usually around 4 degrees then. There has been a lot of discussion about the Christmas swim as those with beach hut, who usually host the spectators and provide warming mulled wine and minced pies have realised that now that there is a shingle cliff between them and the water, it will not suit. They will have to move the libations further north. I'm not here this year but I'm sure DK can coral the once a year swimmer to our spot.
The Bridge Captain is IC grandchildren tomorrow so can't swim and is hoping she doesn't miss a good day, she's bitten, that's for sure. The Poet told us of another couple in the village, whose children are anthropologists and working in Peru, they've been asked to babysit, it's quite a long way to go.
The Pirate got a ticking off for being late from DK and I didn't catch the excuse, something to do with a house full and no sleep I think. He 'took off like a stag' as Mertz would say, then The Poet fell off his stool and we used another of his expressions "HE'S DOWN!". We were all out of synch as you will see for the video below, I'm testing cameras and had one clamped to the fence for the duration, it ran out of memory but it was interesting to see how much we faff about. It's at 800% speed.

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