Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Sea temperature: not taken - to rough
Sea conditions: deceptively strong current
Weather: foul, really bloody foul
Joined by: The Poet
Topics of conversation:
Let's crack open the huts - it was such disgusting weather that even The Pirate agreed. The wind was freezing, in fact even though it started to rain cats and dogs at about 6.45am the lane still had frozen puddles, disguised as wet ones. We rushed to the huts and as soon as we were ensconced I realised it would be foolish for me to go in to the water, having just recovered, as we've worked out that one of the things that kicks off my infection is wind, so the dogs and I sat on the bed whilst the boys proved themselves. It was just me and DK in the little hut and the other two had the big hut, so we had a chance to catch up. That is till The Poet chivvied him along as he was getting lashed by the rain waiting outside for the others.  So the girls stayed in the dry and looked miserable. DK is the second person I've met who can take a blurry photo with an iPhone, it's quite a talent. Following my realisation that it is the wind which causes problems I'm dressing for Arctic conditions by covering my face to walk, this seems to help. I stupidly googled the operation that I had, which saved my sight, but causes the issue and discovered, to see if there was anything about how to avoid it this morning. To my horror, that there are video's of the surgery being performed. I haven't had the courage to watch yet, and I didn't much like the reference to risk of brain haemorrhage but here's a link in case anyone else wants to broaden their surgical knowledge. I think I still imagine that fairies came whilst I was asleep and took away the bone and the pain. Bilateral orbital decompression
DK and I had a long chat about geriatric care as Leg's is having a terrible time in the US with the responsibility of caring for her folks, being an only child. Talking through her situation made it even more clear that the the system in the UK, if you get it right, can really work, but if you get it wrong can be fatal. My Father was so well cared for by the state in his final year because he was in full possession of his marbles but parts of his body gave up, bit by bit, so they were able to treat those elements and send nurses to deal with the medical issues in his home, where my Mother cared for him. She was fit and well, but poor Legs has 2 parents who are in their late '90s and both living at home, and there seems to be no solution as there is no NHS equivalent. If you are reading the Dear Legs, we are sending lots of love.
This picture is a close up for The Artist, who hasn't seen the that rug I made out of pyjamas, and who is not well at the moment.

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