Tuesday, 4 February 2014

High Tide 01:03 (2.80m)
Low Tide 07:29 (0.30m)
High Tide 13:44 (2.40m)
Low Tide 19:29 (0.70m)
Sea temperature: not taken
Sea conditions: very shallow, wind whipping the waves up
Weather: stunning
Joined by: A very busy morning on the beach today, DK and I counted 11 as we felt the baby on the Buddhist's wife's back counted as a whole person, being up and out that early. Full head count: DK & The Pirate (obvs), Sara (bystanding) and The Poet, TBC, The LE, The Artist (bystanding), The Buddhist and his family and me (bystanding).
Topics of conversation:
Lots, I was a bit out of sorts so didn't swim as the waves were whipping, and as a result don't remember much, other than the new arrival on our Lane. She's a puppy, and delightful, not named yet as they are waiting for their son to visit and name her. Many have been suggested.
It was actually hard to concentrate on any conversation this morning as the sunrise was so breathtaking and the beach had been swept by the wind, making the sand smooth and rippled, where the seabed was exposed there were little pools. My dogs had a ball running round and round on the soft sand and chasing each other. In fact all the dogs seemed happy with the weather too, so it's a dog themed blog with some more images of Jess, Bosco and Luna.

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