Sunday, 23 February 2014

High Tide 03:41 (2.30m)
Low Tide 09:48 (0.80m)
High Tide 16:21 (2.10m)
Low Tide 22:16 (0.90m)
Sea temperature: 7, last time it was taken
Sea conditions: very shallow again 
Weather: much colder and windy today, but yesterday was glorious
Joined by: The Usual suspects, apart from The Pirate, who has been on an early teaching rota and being godly.
Topics of conversation:
The tides have been very unusual recently, in fact were are starting to wonder whether the movement of the sand has impacted on the tides even more than we first suspected. The beach itself has continued to change dramatically over the last few weeks, since the surge, with all the sand that was stripped from the dunes slowly coming back in with the tides and the shingle shifting in huge banks almost daily. Yesterday there was a cliff of really small stones, where the day before there had been a 2 tiered slope with much larger stones. There is still a shallow trough in which we can swim, although yesterday The Poet attempted to wade all the way out to deeper water, whilst we splashed about in the shallows. We have now identified where the wooden stakes are, so can steer clear, they are directly opposite Michael and Claire's beach hut - number 26, in case any other fair weather swimmers are reading this.
Looking out to sea

Looking inland from the same point 
One of the main topics of conversation this morning was the totally irrational and mildly deranged behaviour of the Chair of the Trust yesterday, who had decided to throw his weight about (because he could) and blocked the swimmers from leaving the car park at 8.15 as it was 'closed', as if! We were all cold and on our usual routine of rushing home to warm showers so we were not taking any prisoners and gave him very short shrift. If I was feeling generous I'd say it's not his fault; he can't be expected to know that we swim every day at the same time, day in day out, and that those in cars always park in the same place, as he doesn't actually live here day in day out. But I wasn't feeling generous, nor were the others, so I can't repeat what the group really said. Suffice to say The Pirate would have objected to the language and it confirmed that the Chair has done little to improve his already pretty dodgy reputation.
We found the sign that The LE had identified and alerted me to earlier in the week "Nearly tripped over this sign, washed up from Southwold today. V windy, long walk out and wild waves but hey, that's sea biz!" and moved it, it took all of us to get it out of the water, so I'm glad it hadn't been sailing around with us, the damage could've been nasty.
The Poet wanted to know how the goat was doing. It's a long story but involves him and Mertz getting together and arranging an 'African goat night', as they have family or hail from Africa, which had led to The Poet arriving at our house with a carcass yesterday. Then they got cold feet, thinking it was rather smelly and not knowing how they wanted to cut it up. As The Poet's sister in law is a qualified butcher I'm still not sure why I ended up with the job, especially as I don't eat meat. There's been a curry on the go here ever since, the house smells like a tribal village on a feast day.
Look away now if you are squeamish.

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