Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Low Tide 06:23 (0.30m)
High Tide 12:34 (2.50m)
Low Tide 18:28 (0.50m)
Sea temperature:7.1 (yes, really - I took it twice)
Sea conditions: shallow and calm
Weather: cold but no wind, sun breaking through, a perfect morning
Joined by: just me and the boys today, but The Artist joined us briefly on her morning walk

Topics of conversation:
The tide, it had just turned and did rise measurably whilst we were on the shingle, but we had to swim in the trough, as the deep water was about half a mile away. I was slightly late as Luna has been sick and I'd been side-tracked by a phenomenon happening by the river wall. As she wasn't feeling up to charging across the dunes Luna had stopped to watch the fishing boats go out, Willow was hunting so I was mesmerised by a small halo of movement. The water was rising around an elliptical sand bank about the size of a bus and as it did so there was a rippled wave traveling around it in a clockwise direction. The bank must have been angled slightly and it only happened for about 4 or 5 waves, but it seemed so deliberate that it threw me. 

The Poet was a bit battered and bruised this morning having taken 2 tumbles whilst walking. Once as a result of mud and a second time whilst gallantly protecting Jess from a marauding labrador. It didn't stop him trying to wade out to sea in search of deep water, but we all gave up in the end and splashed about in the shallows.
I've just been talking to an architect in Rendlesham who used to do a weekly commute from Lancashire, as a wild swimmer he decided to break his journey each week, each way with a swim and he found wonderful places to commune with nature. This lead me back to thinking about Waterlog by Roger Deakin and I found this: http://waterlogreswum.com what a great idea, perhaps, in the absence of a spring Arctic trip, I should try this.

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