Sunday, 16 October 2011

High Tide01:21 (2.50m)
Low Tide07:15 (0.80m)
High Tide13:39 (2.40m)
Low Tide19:28 (0.90m)
Sea Temperature: 15.7 yesterday, not taken today
Sea conditions: magical, smooth. glassy sea with the odd roller, mist rising of the water like steam. It could have been a thermal pool, had it not been for the waves
Weather: Unlike any other morning.
Joined by: Mertz and Abs
Topics of conversation:
We talked pretty much for the duration of our time on the beach about the weather as it was so unusual. The night had been clear and starry, and as we left the house the mist was thick enough to be called fog. There was a fine but tangible layer of frost across the marsh fields and the dogs had gone mad - noses to the ground - the minute we left the house. AS we neared the bridge there was the strangest aural illusion; the sea suddenly became very loud, as if it was just the other side of the river, it was almost scary as couldn't see across the river for the fog. The sun was rising over the water, huge and deep red. I really regretted not bringing my camera this morning and as we got over the dunes there was a professional already set up with tripods, various stills cameras and 2 assistants. The mist was lifting and we could see it, as we joined Abs, separating from the water, leaving a thin, clear line of light.

It was breathtaking, hence little other conversation other than DK is unwell. There are so few occasions when he doesn't swim that we are all concerned, especially as Legs has been poorly too. She did amuse me with predictive text anecdote though. She had sent a text to a friend, thinking she was explaining that her discomfort when eating had been diagnosed as a gastro oesophagal inflammation but she inadvertently sent it as a "gastronomic" inflammation, her friend replied: How apt! Get well both!
We all agreed that it was good to be able to really swim today, rather than jumps up and down. Yesterday's swim had been 'exciting' as we'd had large waves and a very strong current. Today I swam to the beach huts and back with little discernible difference in drag either way as the tide was turning, so even though it was quite a long wade out, it was still perfect for getting the blood flowing.
Boo Bob kept us busy with his chasing sticks business, but as the first one was soon eaten he resorted to bringing us reeds, which had been washed up, I'm crap at throwing and this combination wasn't very satisfactory. Abs had brought her space age NASA blanket, lined with foil, and decided to have a run about to get the blood flowing before getting into the car to drive home as she'd suffered yesterday. Boo Bob really enjoyed this and almost refused to leave the beach when it was time to go. I took this yesterday but didn't post.
Today goes into my top 10 swims ever, anywhere.

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