Monday, 3 October 2011

High Tide02:57 (2.50m) 
Low Tide09:07 (0.70m)
High Tide15:39 (2.50m)
Low Tide21:30 (1.00m)        

Sea conditions: calm
Temperature: not taken
Weather: sun trying very hard to break through, very, very warm. Back in shorts today
Joined by: Mertz
Topics of conversation:
Where is The Pirate? We waited, concerned, as he is seldom late and always tells us if he'd not coming but after 10 minutes we couldn't wait any longer so went in. He did arrive and with a "Sorry I'm late" as if he were at school. Apparently the reason for his lateness was that he'd been discussing train times.... not good enough!
The lost and found. On Friday night a friend and I swam after dark. A group of us had watched the sun set on the dunes with a glass/bottle in hand and then the moon rose, red and crescent shaped over a very calm sea. Mertz then took the girls to the pub and Matthew and I took to the calm sea. I often swim with Matthew, who is the strongest swimmer I know and so I had no fear, even though I did call out every now and then just to make sure he was still there and that I hadn't drifted too far out. We joined the others in the pub for a quick warming drink before going home and then I got a call from Matthew to say he'd lost his watch and glasses (and as a result had had a scary journey home in the fog). We searched the area where he had parked but no luck, so the next day we searched the beach and told The Student, who came to see us, that they were lost. She called me yesterday afternoon to say that coincidentally a friend of hers had found them, had a Reggie Perrin moment, and hung on to the watch but moved the glasses higher up the beach. Both are now returned and Matthew is delighted (and can see again). He swam the next night too but I couldn't join him as I was making borsht and keralan coleslaw for dinner guests, but apparently the phosphorescence was amazing. You have to go a fair way out to find it but it's there. 
Mabel. I suspect that Mabel will feature rather heavily on or 'topics of conversation' list from now on. She has joined DK and Legs as a permanent resident of the village and is already entertaining even those of us who have not met her yet as we receive snippets of video, photos and anecdotes from Legs's phone. She sounds adorable and I am looking forward to meeting her later. She has certainly captured their hearts, which was not an easy task, having loved their old dog so much. She seems to favour winding DK up and then taking to the arms of Legs.
From a non swimming friend

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