Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Low Tide04:37 (0.90m)
High Tide10:41 (2.50m)
Low Tide17:01 (0.70m)
High Tide23:26 (2.50m)

Sea temperature: forgot to take it but DK and I thought it had gone up and The Pirate thought it had gone down.
Sea conditions: choppy and murky
Weather: warm wind, we just missed the sun
Joined by: Abs and Boo Bob
Topics of conversation:
Boo Bob our new four legged friend joined us today, my dogs got very confused as he's so like their friend Chilli but this also meant he was immediately accepted and joined the happy throng. He has the most delightful freckly nose and this meant he was rejected by the Kennel Club, and ended up being rescued by Abs. We are all very pleased as he is most entertaining and swims with the best of us.
Naked swimming. Abs and I discussed the merits of naked swimming before the boys arrived, our group doesn't swim naked together as we socialise together too, but we do skinny-dip when we are alone, it's slightly odd I suppose, but very english. Some of the LOTVs swim earlier to avoid comment, but it still happens. The Village Mayor always finds out. In fact It's always round the village by lunchtime if anyone has been spotted, Tigger wound one of the LOTVs up by saying he'd been bird watching in the morning and seen 4 tits on the beach...
The sunrise was stunning this morning, but by the time we'd got to the beach it had all but gone. Abs had seen the display driving over and DK had seen it from his bedroom window. We are so privileged to start our day with such a view.

Magic mushrooms - not sure quite how we got onto this one but I had read an article in the press at the weekend about how they are being used to treat depression, anxiety and drug dependency in a trail, with measurable success. Info here: magic mushroom trial and we all agreed that it made sense, although having seen how they can make a normally sensible individual set fire to a full cardboard box of fireworks in a small terraced garden, I'd hope that they are still monitoring the success.
Myxomatosis - The dogs had caught a rabbit this morning and it had Myxy, we discussed the cruelty of the disease and its origins, as well as an exhibition at the Tate, in which Taryn Simon used the extended family of rabbits to show its impact through bloodlines in one of her pieces: 
Tate Modern premieres an important new body of work by the American artist Taryn Simon. A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters was produced over a four-year period (2008-11), during which Simon travelled around the world researching and recording bloodlines and their related stories. In each of the eighteen ‘chapters’ that make up the work, the external forces of territory, power, circumstance or religion collide with the internal forces of psychological and physical inheritance. The subjects documented by Simon include feuding families in Brazil, victims of genocide in Bosnia, the body double of Saddam Hussein’s son Uday, and the living dead in India. Her collection is at once cohesive and arbitrary, mapping the relationships among chance, blood, and other components of fate.
She'd been showing Alan Yentob around when I visited and he had clearly missed the point as I overheard him asking her if all 100 or so rabbits pictured were the same one. We generally agreed that he's a bit of a pillock.
Dwarfism in dogs - (this is why I write this blog) DK explained that Mabel is not able to join the throng yet as she still needs her jabs and is very small. Apparently she's not as small as the world's smallest dog though - 6 inches long...? There was as slight discrepancy between our estimates on 6 inches. You do get some strange things if you Google "world's smallest dog"...
Legs is not well - We all wished her better soon (if you are reading this Legs, GET WELL SOON!!)
Abs has christened us: The Intrepids, we all rather like that.

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