Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Low Tide03:30 (0.50m)
High Tide09:59 (2.30m)
Low Tide15:40 (0.70m)
High Tide21:56 (2.50m)
Sea Temperature: not taken
Sea conditions: ROUGH, very strong undertoad
Weather: very strong wind
Joined by: no-one
Topics of conversation:
Desperate DK - we haven't been able to go in for a few days because the sea has been so rough (and I've been away) so DK was totally determined to get in regardless today. His family has just left for the US, which left him even more in need, and we agreed to meet later than usual so that he could see them off to the airport. I went down at normal time to see whether I could brave it, opened up the beach hut and put the kettle on - not for a drink but to provide hand warming facilities in case it was doable. I sat on the dune and contemplated, both the possibility of getting in and life in general, whilst the kettle boiled. Watching the waves almost lulled me into feeling invincible but as I saw The Pirate coming over the horizon, leaning into the wind, shaking his stick at the North Wind the illusion was shattered. And yet... DK, yup, he did.  Mabel had the wind up her tail and so was back on the lead so he handed her over whilst he dashed down to the mashing waves. Mabel chases sea foam which travels at speed south all the way to Dunwich, it's like a drug for her, she switches off and just follows its delicious darting movement wherever it goes and DK wasn't taking any chances (other than with his life of course). 
The Pirate and I watched him being thrashed by the waves and trying to get into the trough, to no avail, he did take his feet off the ground briefly though. AND he kept his trunks on. We are in awe.
The Pirate corrected me, apparently he called my tendency towards lunacy "tree hugging nitwittery", much better...
Hoping for a swimmable sea soon.

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