Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Low Tide05:20 (0.30m)
High Tide11:33 (2.40m)
Low Tide17:25 (0.60m)
High Tide23:36 (2.70m)

Sea temperature: 3.5
Sea conditions: calm 
Weather: sunny, crisp, snow slowly melting
Joined by: The Viking and Laura
Topics of conversation:
Were The Viking and Laura going to swim? Neither had a reason not to, Laura needs to get her hand in as she's about to go away for further Arctic training, which will involve what they call 'cold water immersion" i.e. swimming in freezing water, but we couldn't persuade her to start a week early and The Viking has swum here at this time of year before but decided that as we are not getting any younger and as the last time he went in the North Sea was a couple of summers ago he wouldn't risk a heart attack. He did sound as though he was having second thoughts as we all appreciated the warmth of the sun, but ultimately just DK and The Pirate joined me in the water.
The Viking and Laura were here as we'd had a reunion evening for our Arctic dog trekking team last night (read all about it: which had involved snow, a sauna, Jaegermeister and pie, pie being the only culinary  difference, but we missed the dogs and absent friends so raised a glass to Steve, Milos and Gaynor. Milos and Gaynor are celebrating their latest win of the Finnmarkslopet 500 in Norway so we sent them a congratulations/we miss you text too. It was lovely seeing them all and now that they've all gone I realise that we didn't make a date for the next one, I guess we'll have to wait till Mark has run the Marathon de Sable...
2011 team in Kiruna

The winning team

Gaynor and Milos

You can follow Milos's races here:

The weather - we had previously discussed this at length and the rough seas have meant that the three of us had not been in the water for, at the least, three days and at the most, a week (DK's shoulder had enforced his rest too) but it really has changed dramatically yet again. We joked that the snow was ordered for the Arctic reunion and that the water had calmed just in time for The Viking. Here are a few shots, taken over the last 3 days by way of description.
Just now

Viking bridge - no Viking




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