Thursday, 14 March 2013

Low Tide05:56 (0.40m)
High Tide12:09 (2.40m)
Low Tide18:01 (0.60m)
Sea temperature: 3.4
Sea conditions: calm 
Weather: glorious
Joined by: The Poet
Topics of conversation:
The famous one of us is in the papers again, somehow they got to hear about both his Comic Relief efforts and his love of Tupperware: I just love the way they've categorised DK as a 'Popstar' in the link. On the way home we got chatting Tupperware in general (we know how to raise the intellectual standards) as DK was returning one of mine which had had curry in it and The Pirate still has one with rice in it. I'd had a life changing experience a few years ago involving plastic storage boxes, yes, really. I came down early one morning to hear crashing and banging in the kitchen, thinking Mertz had already left for work I was a little concerned but I found him in the middle of the kitchen surrounded by lids and bases of plastic boxes everywhere and him in their midst, red in the face. "What's up?" I tentatively asked, "I'm late! I've made a packed lunch and I can't find a ****ing lid that fits a ****ing box!" he seethed. That morning I put all the plastic containers into a cardboard box and took them to work, where I left them outside my classroom with free to a good home on the box and ordered these in different sizes. All the lids fit all the boxes, regardless of their capacity. 

He has high blood pressure and it's the little things... I'd be lying if a said there was never a cross word spoken in the kitchen from that day forward, but it certainly made my life easier. 
Zero Dark Thirty - I'd seen it last night and had been blown away, no pun intended, such and impressive feat of direction. We'd discussed it at length before and now I have the context. 
To Kindle or not to Kindle - I want to travel light when we go away in a few weeks and as we are going to be staying in the middle of a National Park with no distractions I am looking forward to a reading marathon, books and travelling light don't mix and I'm not keen on taking my work iPad as it's full size and not mine. We debated the different options and I had planned on getting myself an iPad mini before the trip but now that I've had the expense of a new computer it's not as easy to justify. The Poet is a huge fan of the Kindle and they are certainly cheaper, but I'm not sure I'd use it at any other time. The fact that I've reached the 'one in, one out' point for books on shelves in the house should push me over eventually though.
Bosco tried to bury The Pirate's stick, I think he's worried that Mabel will steal it now that she loose again, he kept making funny noises at her. She on the other hand is delighted to be able to run about again and she and Willow played, after Mabel had finished chasing sea foam that is.
on purpose
Dblcam is a new App I've been playing with so I was still fiddling about when The Pirate was getting ready and he beat me to it! It's a fun photo thing that makes use of both the camera's on your phone at the same time. It caught me out this evening as I was standing on the bridge trying to photograph the view and it caught me with tears streaming down my face (it was cold and windy).
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