Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Beach closed

DK stared mournfully out to sea and didn't hang around long as this is the second day he hasn't been able to go in, but the combination of the very rough water, strong wind and the possibility that he might encounter a floating shell were sufficient to keep him dry. It's been the worst weather for swimming that we've had since I've been part of the group, with strong currents and winds as well as the waves being deep and so we are all getting a bit rough at the edges. The LE and I walked down for a chat with Coastguard Jim, who was a bit tired and red eyed, having been in position for 48 hours and he filled us in with the detail. 
There's a dumping ground just off the coast not far from our swimming spot and due to the rough seas a couple of 'ship shells' were spotted on the beach yesterday but have since been washed out again and there have been further sightings near Aldeburgh. He's asked for everyone to be aware that there will be no access to the beach from the campsite going South. There are Coastguards positioned all the way down the beach, with high tides and strong winds forecast today and into the New Year they are hoping to conduct controlled explosions as the shells cannot be diffused and must be detonated. The Navy will be joining the operation today to see if they can locate them in the water. 
Sods law again dictated that I didn't have my phone or camera with me and we tried to call Mertz to wake him up and get him to bring the camera to the beach, but The LE's phone didn't seem to be working, then we realised that we were standing so close to her car that it was using Bluetooth inside to call him... She has kindly sent me some shots taken with her phone, as we approached Coastguard Jim into the murk and wind.

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