Sunday, 1 December 2013

Low Tide 02:18 (0.90m) 
High Tide 08:34 (2.50m)
Low Tide 14:44 (0.60m)
High Tide 21:14 (2.50m)
Sea temperature: 5.9

Sea conditions: calm, deep
Weather: frosty, crisp
Joined by: Just The Poet and I today, but Sara and a friend joined as spectators.
Topics of conversation:
The sunrise - it began to lift above the horizon as we met, the sky having changed colour as I walked across the marsh. The blue burned off and the sun warmed the cold off the water with flaming flecks. It was one of those morning when everything stands still momentarily. We looked in vain for signs of comet Ison, but there was only the evidence of planes travelling to Scandinavia with their vapour trails masquerading as comet tails. Such a shame.

I only had a very quick swim today, I've had another enforced break due to health issues resulting from the original infection in my eye orbit, so I didn't want to overdo it and also... it was bloody cold! The temperature had dropped considerably since my last swim, regardless of that and the fact that I was still feeling tender, it was wonderful to be back in the water and it had to be done. I'd been starting to wonder whether my foul mood (which had started to impact on those around me, even strangers, like the woman who told me to F off in the cinema) was due to not having been able to swim or the pain. I suspect more of the latter, there's a very good reason for the phrase 'like a bear with a sore head' - just call me Grizzly.
Sara's friend has a lovely dog, I hadn't met a Wheaten Terrier before and she is delightful, my phone died on me again this morning so I couldn't get a photo, but found this one.

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