Sunday, 22 December 2013

High Tide 00:55 (2.50m)
Low Tide 07:09 (0.70m)
High Tide 13:32 (2.30m)
Low Tide 18:57 (0.90m)
Sea temperature: 6.5 yesterday
Sea conditions: too rough for me
Weather: blustery, cold
Joined by TBC and The LE
Topics of conversation, a quick summary: 
DK's cold - he's much better, huge relief all round. He went in, I didn't. It's just too blustery for me ATM and whilst the sea is not cold I just can't risk another issue with my eyes. I think I'm going soft, or maybe just feeling a bit fragile.
The Solstice - we are all very pleased that we have had the shortest day.
The carol service - DK and the LE are 'performing' if that's the expression (I'm sure it's not but with those two involved how can it be anything but?) and The LE has to read a poem which, we had to agree, is not up to the standard of anything she would have written herself. The powers that be need to make the most of the village talent rather than getting them to recite tawdry rum-ti-tum:

But I'm sure she'll make it sound loverly... and she's asked for 'no sniggering at the back' - good job I'm not going.
Jewish penicillin - my dear friend who makes up the other half of the Film Club has recently had surgery and I've been doing her shopping/dog walking etc. and finding things for her to eat is not easy as she simply doesn't fancy anything. TBC and I discussed the benefits of chicken soup, or jewish penicillin as it's known, which she desired after her surgery and I'd love to make huge batches of for my friend, but she's vegetarian so she's having to make do with spiced pumpkin. Her dog, who is one of Luna's pups has been staying with us and we discussed the incident when he had a go at poor little (big/little) Jagger. I've since discovered that he has a thing about disciplining young dogs and makes a point of snapping at them if they are over bouncy... sounds as if I should have had him in class with me when I was supply teaching in Norwich.

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