Monday, 26 May 2014

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I've been kept in the loop whilst not swimming with The Swimmers recently by regular texts from The LE, some have included pictures, so here's a round up:

.... this morning.
The usual suspects foregathered – except The Poet, who’s in Colchester. But Sara had a younger man in tow. Rachel’s Fiance, the lanky and lovely Murdo from Dumfries & Galloway.
Just as we went in, Sara spotted a DOOR thrashing about in the shallows.
She and I  went in to drag it up. Boy, was that hard. There’s the suction, dragging it down to the shingle and the sheer weight of it.
We had a real struggle – all this, while the others were chatting about golf and obscure song lyrics  and taking no notice.
We finally staggered out and hauled the door upright – at which point Jess decided to stand under it and wouldn’t move.
Noooo........!!! We were losing our grip. Would it crash down on Jess’s slender and elderly head?
Fortunately, Murdo to the rescue. He came and helped us drag it up above the high water mark.
Finally went back in for lovely swim but completely knackered by salvage operation!

Not sure who takes things like that off the beach. Council? Coastguard? Tibbles? (The Poet dragged it over the tide line and I helped him lift it into a safe place)
See you tomorrow!
May have Gavin’s ex PA from SHE Magazine with us. She writes a lot now for gardening magazines....
Her name’s Paula. (Not here it's not - she's the She-woman from now on)
Off to the shops

The She-woman

The next day there was a 

A surfeit of S's in the surf

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