Saturday, 17 May 2014

High Tide 00:45 (2.50m)
Low Tide 06:47 (0.60m)
High Tide 13:03 (2.50m)
Low Tide 19:15 (0.50m)
Sea temperature: 13.7

Sea conditions: on the turn
Weather: grey but warm, oddly calm
Joined by: The Usual Suspects (apart from The LE), Abs, The Artist, Sara, The Pirate's Wife, The Pirate's Granddaughter and a man called Mark.
Topics of conversation: 
Abs and I had met on the green and walked round the block to the beach and caught up on life and the universe, and most excitingly her previous evening's entertainment. She'd been to a circus performance at a theatre of The Ancient Mariner, in attempting to describe its brilliance she become tongue tied and so told me she'd asked her son (an 11 year old with the gift of the gab) to describe it in one word. He couldn't but had made a noise that sounded something like whhhhiiioosshhhhP! Here's a link to a taster from the company that is touring it: Rime - Square Peg
The tide was way, way out and Abs and I studied the shapes and depths and compared them to the way the shore was when we were kids and there was a spit from the end of the harbour. Children would often get marooned, as The Artist had, but much further out. We compared the changes we experience here with the changes inland, when swimming through the seasons. DK would have the wildlife, trees and plants at the edge of the ponds, when he swam there and their seasonal fluctuations  are so much more blatant than the subtle changes in the vegetation on the shore. The skies can be deceiving here too, dark and heavy in mid summer, with clouds whizzing across the sky and then a February day can present blue, clear horizons - only the temperature is consistent with the time of year. Abs remembered it being 14 degrees in and out of the water on the 14th of November last year and today seems a 13 kinda day.

The Pirate's Granddaughter made busy on the beach in her blue PJs and TBC and I decided that she looked like a sea sprite, tidying up the shoreline with Mabel.
As I type The LE must be walking, in fact she will probably be walking most of the day on her Hampton Court Pink Ribbon walk, fingers crossed for her. Mertz is also walking today, his biannual walk with his best man is in Essex this spring and whilst he's away I have B  staying. We're hoping to have a beach supper, now that the sun has come out, with food input from The Architect, the GGBs and Legs. Paella, cheese and brownies are on the list so far...

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