Monday, 26 May 2014

Low Tide 03:11 (0.60m)
High Tide 09:48 (2.40m)
Low Tide 15:35 (0.80m)
High Tide 21:40 (2.40m)
Sea temperature: not taken but it must be over 15 by now
Sea conditions: good, if a little murky
Weather: fine
Joined by: we overslept today so were late to the beach but all The Usual Suspect were there.
Topics of conversation: not much as I went to change in the hut, having left my swimming shoes there yesterday after an evening swim, and the othrs were leaving. (There's also been an issue with Blogger not talking to iPhoto since I did an upgrade this week so I've not posted since Wednesday as new readers to the blog will point out - won't they SBPFG?)
I'd played my joker yesterday, having a lie-in and sleeping through till 8.30, DK is horrified that I could do such thing, but around twice a year it is my ritual. The Sunday lie in. Mertz can't do it, so he sleeps in the spare room and lets the dogs out first thing, leaving me to snooze. It's bliss, primarily because it feels so very indulgent and as I'd been gardening all day Saturday and Sunday I felt I'd earned it (as did my back).
This morning was the first proper swim morning too, I swam from the huts to the swimmers and back, without feeling cold at all, next week it will be time to dig out the goggles so that I can put my head fully under and get into some proper distance. Also time to invest in some Five Finger running shoes and get back into pounding the beach before swim time, with these I can run into the sea and keep going. The dogs and I need to improve our fitness levels and running before the swim is possible for about 3 months, starting now!

The beach had been heaving yesterday and I'd spotted a young lad trying to dig out old posts on the dunes for a fire, we've been trying to get them out for years as they are partially submerged and are lethal, so I left him to it. He was with a large family group who had wind breaks, canoes, picnic rugs etc. so I assumed he wouldn't vandalise the huts. This was a mistake. After we'd left he obviously decided to take the nice new shiny posts that have been put up to replace the old ones and the evidence was still smouldering on the beach, complete with molten plastic, drinks cans and all manner of detritus when I got to the hut. Only in this village can such an incident be sorted by 11am - Mrs. Tibbles is on it already and is getting Whisk to put some new ones in and wire them up so that it's harder to pull them out.

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