Thursday, 4 September 2014

High Tide06:11 (2.30m)
Low Tide12:22 (1.00m)
High Tide19:05 (2.30m)
Sea temperature: 17 degrees
Sea Conditions: good, little rollers
Weather: slightly misty, sun low and glowing
The last few days have been stunning on the beach, that kind of weather that makes you gasp, not from the cold but from the magic of light. There's been a golden light every morning and every evening, way beyond 'magic hour', more like 'magic 3 hours'. I took advantage of no commitments and paddled upriver on the board yesterday at 5.15 on the high tide. There wasn't a soul about and the water was slow by the time I reached my new favourite mooring post. Waiting for the water to slacken I rested in the reeds and then drifted back, occasionally dipping the paddle till the wind got up and I had to put a bit of effort in. As the mouth of the river came into view it felt as if the tide had turned back, but it was the funnel of wind powering west against me. Back at the slipway the sun was going down and some Webblets were on the Studio balcony waiting for the unrivalled view of the sunset that they get from there, if I hadn't been so shattered by then I would've joined them.


'Joined by' and 'topics' are not relevant at the moment as I don't see the group to swim with, just occasionally as I'm walking home. This week I caught up with The Pirate briefly and he told me about his impending adventure to New York. It all sounds very exciting and I'm rather jealous. In true Pirate style he seemed more concerned about whether or not it was acceptable to wear shorts in the city.
The LE sent DK and me an update as he's away at the moment, his photographic update, sent from Legs, follows:

Watched a wonderful John Betjeman documentary last night on BBC4, in which much was made of his love of Cornwall and the coast. He said: 'I so enjoy watching the sea that I wouldn't mind if all television programmes were just about breaking waves and sea noises. Living inland makes me so long for the sea that I sometimes find the longing becomes unendurable'.
Aren't we lucky?

In other swimmers' news...
Sunday morning - The Pirate swam early  ( as he had to do the reading in church) and found himself bathing with sea nymphs. Two naked  20 something girls frolicked in the surf and had to head for Dunwich with his eyes closed.
Monday morning, his first words were 'I wonder if they'll be back?'

Also on Sunday. Jagger had been praised for good behaviour and excellent recall and I was starting to relax. But then, there was a yelp from Sara, 'He's peed on my jacket!' Back to the naughty step.

TBC and I are planning to start a collection of the Walberswick Wallies Stone  Family - stones with faces. Not necessarily hagstones, just ones with eyes and a mouth or nose. We'll start a children's bowl in the Anchor. Barmy or a good idea? Bit of both.

The Artist swam out, on this beautiful morning towards a shaft of sunlight, announcing she was going to float away to  meet her Maker. 'Not today, I said 'I want to go to Waitrose.' It would have meant hanging around and paperwork and you know how busy that car park gets, after 9.

Come back soon, DK, we miss the singing!!

DK's current swimming site, it looks as if they've got some serious issues with the H&S exec - never seen so many 'do's and don'ts'!

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