Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Sea temperature: 16.4
Sea conditions: calm
Weather: it was glorious but quickly clouded over - I met The Weather Oracle on the way home and she said we will have the worst of it today, the only cloud will be on the east coast apparently.
There's been a formatting change on the website I get the tides from, so the above is a cheeky screen shot from tidetimes.org.uk till I work out the best way to lay out the info, it shows the main event of the day - not just a full moon but the last 'super moon' for a long time, so this makes the cloud even less welcome, as I was planning an evening of moon gazing. 
Yesterday I'd seen The Poet briefly and he'd asked that I take a regular photo to mark the changes in the shape and structure of the beach and this morning there was a marked change with new levels of sand coming higher and over the shingle. The easiest way is for me to stand where I swim, in front of the hut, and shoot north and south. 
Today this was the view and so is Shifting Sands #01.

The sun is lower in the sky now and yesterday at 6am the mist had been heavy in the low fields, but I hadn't had my phone with me, so no pictures. Today there was certainly a slight chill in the air, but I managed to get out before it clouded over, The LE came down to the water's edge as I was getting out and Jagger had a splash about, whilst Willow swore and shouted at him, all the while wagging her tail. She's such a bitch. The hut doesn't get the sun till later now, as it's behind a ridge, so hadn't warmed up. 
Sunday had been hut clear day and I'd painted the inside (blisters to prove hard work), and this had meant emptying the contents out first. The beach was quiet and so I had the space to myself, but a chap walked past at one point and asked if it was a beach hut or a tardis after he saw what I'd piled up outside. The next job is going to be insulating the roof, using leftover insulation from my Mother's recent work on her house, it's over egging it a bit, as the walls won't be done, but the insulation is free so in the words of an old boss: SNT (silly not to) and hopefully it'll be a little warmer in the winter. One day I'll build a new one, with insulated walls, that is as big as the regulations will allow and have a built in kitchen like the bigger ones on our stretch. It'll never be to the standard of the 'posh huts', like one The Drapers have, with bunk beds, wood burner, gas oven and fridge etc. but they have different rules and have more or less lived there all summer. 
The Artist is not well, I'm hoping she may read this and I can send her love over the ether and help her to stay in touch with Dr. Sea via this blog.
Stop press: just heard from The LE that there were 4 swans swimming in the sea this morning - so sorry I missed them, they might be the 4 I saw last year. She sent this, the swans are far left:

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