Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Sea temperature: 16.5
Sea conditions: calm
Weather: clear, crisper than it has been
The moon had been spectacular last night, not only was it a 'super moon', but also this is the harvest moon season, the closest full moon to the Equinox and moon mythology dictates that it is a time of clear skies. This has been the case for the last 36 hours, with the sky clearing in time for the moonrise over the sea. The dogs and I decamped to the hut as the sun went down, just in time to get the candles lit and the telescope set up to watch it rise, amber over the sea, casting its path on the water.  Willow hunted, Luna gazed at her namesake and geese skeined over, heard but not seen - its hard to adjust from the tiny eyepiece to the wide sky without making your eyes water. Just watching the moon alone through the 'scope was magical - it was so big that it filled the lens totally, which makes it hard to photograph, but the detail was intense. At one point a passenger plane crossed in front, which startled me, I couldn't hear it but suddenly the silhouette crossed, trailing its distorting wake, blurring the surface. This morning it was still there as the sun rose. Here are a couple of shots from my phone.

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