Monday, 13 February 2012

High Tide01:39 (2.70m)
Low Tide08:02 (0.50m)
High Tide14:13 (2.30m)
Low Tide20:01 (0.70m)
Sea temperature: not taken
Sea conditions: calm, really calm
Weather: no wind which made all the difference
Joined by: No one
Topics of conversation:
DK is unwell - thinking of you DK
My new hat - I love my new hat. My Intrepid Friend came well prepared for the weekend, with spades and blankets and torches etc. in the back of her car and the most wonderful fluffy hat, which I coveted. When she left yesterday evening I went into her room to see the bed all neatly folded back and what looked like a large racoon lying by the pillow, once I realised that is was not actually a racoon but that she'd left her hat behind I grabbed it to make sure she took it home but she insisted I keep it. Now that's a true friend, and I suspect that my new hat will also become a true friend. The Pirate was impressed, not simply with my hat but with her kindness.

The Lives of Others is truly a great film and this morning I passed it on to The Pirate - I am writing this here, not just because it's a great film but also because The Pirate asked me to remind him that it was in his rucksack and I know that The Pirate's Wife occasionally reads this, I don't want her to miss the movie - it's right up her street.
The Eulogy - The Pirate is writing and reading the eulogy for their recently deceased friend, having also honoured her husband in the same way. I have such admiration for this kind of tribute especially when the person is so close. I know I couldn't  do it.
Supermodels - an example of how rambling our conversations can be as this started because we were discussing a local dog, whose head is too big for his body (but he is still growing) and went on to those whose heads appear big because they are so skinny and the term 'lollipop head'. In between we managed to discuss our own extra pounds keeping us insulated in the cold weather and The Pirate's view of the awful experiences that models can have, having sat next to one at sixth form college, as well as our nieces. His was scouted at The Clothes Show but turned down a modelling career even though she "will break a few hearts" according to Mertz, and my niece, who worked as a model for romantic, historical book covers. Lots of lovely shots of her gazing into the distance from superimposed cliffs exist somewhere. It's her 21st birthday today which makes me feel old so I went home and had the most decadent breakfast - porridge with sultanas, cinnamon, honey and fresh cream.

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