Thursday, 16 February 2012

High Tide04:46 (2.30m)
Low Tide11:02 (0.90m)
High Tide17:33 (2.10m)
Low Tide23:39 (0.90m)
Sea temperature: not taken but it is certainly higher than 1.5
Sea conditions: Calm with rollers
Weather: No breeze at all so it felt deceptively warm as we got undressed.
Joined by: briefly by the chief LOTV with her dogs
Topics of conversation:
The LOTV's recent holiday, where they and avoided the snow and had wonderful weather, even though they only travelled as far as Portugal. She looked well and rested and said she felt invigorated by the warm weather. We told her we were going to be invigorated by the cold sea. Mabel wanted to leave the beach with her so we had to tempt her back with gravy bones.
Why there weren't any surfers and why the water was so low when the tide was supposed to be half way, we wondered about Arctic winds and surges from Scotland whence cometh the forecasted cold weather shortly, but finally admitted that we still don't get it. We did get  good swim in though, it's the first time in a while that I been able to complete more than about 10 strokes and it felt great to actually swim, with no wind it wasn't bad getting out and getting dressed again.

My Dog Tulip - the latest film that Babs and I went to see last night, I really, really didn't enjoy it. It's an animated film of a memoir written J. R. Ackerley and I didn't like the style, characters or content.

The reviews I'd read had been mixed but as a dog owner I assumed I might fit into the half that loved its insight and understanding of how a dog's mind worked. I wasn't.  One IMDB user review said: The art work is quirky and a lot of it is storyboard animation but I still feel that this will only appeal to real dog lovers . If you're not one, you might struggle to see what all the fuss is with this bloody dog!

The only thing I liked about it was the tagline: Sometimes love really is a bitch.

My dog Willow had decided that I wasn't to lie on the sofa and drink coffee before my swim this morning and pounced. She repeats the word "mmnnnnBAP!" very loudly at this close range and the combination of dog breath and ringing ears got me out of the house a little earlier than normal I must admit.

Half term is filling the village with families and whilst we have more than our fair share of Boden clones marching along the boardwalks with mummie-on-mobile in tow we also seem to have some who really appreciate the beach, I found these written in the sand on my walk this afternoon.

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