Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Low Tide04:43 (0.40m)
High Tide11:01 (2.40m)
Low Tide16:48 (0.70m)
High Tide22:54 (2.60m)
Sea temperature: 4.2...? It really didn't feel like it
Sea conditions: a strong undertow, small waves
Weather: very strong wind whipping about, chilly
Joined by: The Poet today, Lyla yesterday
Topics of conversation (over the last 2 days):
DK was not with us yesterday, he was playing golf, neither The Pirate nor I really do sport and so when The Poet and he discuss the latest state of play etc. we just look at our feet. In fact today The Pirate confided that he feels that one day he may be found out. I clearly have been.
We were joined by Lyla, Bosco's daughter, yesterday - she's a swimmer! She's quite mad and charged up and down the beach being an extreme version of Bosco as we got ready to swim. She also likes to pick up large stones and drag them into the sea, then she tries to drown them and save them. She and Willow didn't really see eye to eye as Willow wanted her to replace Mabel as rough and tumble partner, but she wasn't interested. She followed us into the sea and swam in a little loop around us, just making sure we were OK but not trying to save us, which The Pirate feared she might. Bosco was clearly exhausted this morning after she'd been staying for a day.
Dry sack acting as a windsock
It was very windy this morning and whilst none of us were initially keen to stay in the water for long it was actually pleasant to be out of the wind under the water.
There was quite a lot of ribbing for both The Poet and DK this morning. DK was late and so we told him we'd been speculating about whether he'd been the pub last night or not and The Poet doesn't normally join us when the sun isn't out so we feigned shock - he'd misinterpreted the weather. He's usually at college on Wednesdays but his group are on a field trip today, this led to discussions about how tutors take the easy option with trip, although having had to fill out risk assessment forms and conform to school trip policies I do know that it's a right pain from that point of view.
The Pirate and I then discussed how different each year can be when you are teaching the same thing. With the Steiner curriculum that doesn't happen for 7 years as you stay with the class as they move but I still remember thinking I'd failed the first class when I came round to plan Pythagorean theory the second time around.
I didn't hang around chatting this morning, for some reason I really began to feel very cold and it took ages to thaw under the hot shower.

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