Saturday, 25 February 2012

No tides here

Water temperature: 29
Water conditions: no waves, being a pool and all.
Weather: sun streaming in through the windows
Joined by: my friend Red, a small, fat child having a swimming lesson and 2 ladies from Hertford.
Topics of conversation:
Blimey, it's hot!! I'm not used to this, Red is a pool swimmer and so she IS used to it, I just followed her lead and did lengths, till I got wrinkly. It's also odd not swimming against a current and I felt as if I was zipping along. There's a sauna too and no one in it in the mornings so I lay there for a while pretending to be in Sweden again, my imagination having to work hard.
We blew all our kitty on a wonderful meal and a rather lovely bottle last night so once we felt as if we'd swum it off we spruced ourselves up and headed for breakfast, which we decided was to be our main meal of the day as it is part of the deal. A good decision, it was one of the best hotel breakfasts I've eaten: pineapple, figs and peaches for Red and muesli and seeds for me to start, then she had a croissant and I had cheese. We both followed that with scrambled eggs with mushroom and grilled tomatoes and I had smoked salmon with mine. That kept us going all day and now we are being idle and have ordered room service for an early supper so that we can return to the spa for an evening swim, sauna etc. Red is also a masseuse and has promised me a foot massage before bed, talk about spoilt!

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