Sunday, 11 November 2012

Low Tide01:20 (1.00m)
High Tide07:36 (2.50m)
Low Tide13:54 (0.60m)
High Tide20:31 (2.40m)
Sea temperature: 9.8
Sea conditions: calm, rippling waves,no drag
Weather: A perfect morning, sun, frost, no wind
Joined by: Sara and The Poet
Topics of conversation:
Wet suits - following Sara's research and trial of the new winter wet suit and the glorious mornings that we have been having Mertz suddenly announced that he was thinking about getting a wets suit. He can't pretend to like the cold weather or the water but he does still feel the desire to get in so he's been finding it frustrating and is admiring of Sara's determination and her ability to shrug off DK's "Jessy" comments. These do not refer to Sara's dog but to the fact that he thinks you're a wuss if you wear a wetsuit. I had the grading of suits explained to me this morning, I had completely misunderstood and thought that a 5/3 wetsuit mean that is was 5.3 on the scale but now I understand the concept of wetsuits having different zones. No wonder there are so many on the market.
Sybarites - The Poet accused me of being sybaritic this morning (has he only just worked that out?) just because I'd spent an hour in the sauna. I shall be  interested to see how easy it is to drag him out once he's warmed through next weekend. We are having our "The Killing/Sauna/Waffles-by-Legs party" next weekend and we decided that there has to be a bit of a schedule as the idea of a sauna after such a feast doesn't really work. Maybe we just have the Akatvit before hand - in the footsteps of the Vikings. A small food order has gone in and now I just have the Lidls trip to do next week, they do the best smoked salmon at a ridiculously low price.

East Hill - The Poet is using this part of our village environment as the inspiration for his current project and as the weather was so glorious today we decided to walk there this morning, rather than doing a late walk. He is studying, making notes, taking photos etc. in preparation for his writing and I shall be very interested to read the final work as I've started going there at least once a week. The views are unparalleled (other than from Sara and The Poet's house) and it is seldom visited by tourists. It's perfect spot for contemplation.
East Hill
Poorly Pooches - we had recently discussed the seasonal canine virus, which is prevalent in Suffolk, and last night I'd had a message from my friend, whose dog has been really sick, it's very worrying and a warning to all dog owners:

I  have had dramas with Kinta all week & she is still at the Animal Health Trust though hoping I may be able to get her back after the weekend. She took very poorly within 20 or so mins of our return from the usual early beach walk on Tues.  Running liquid both ends, v hunched & in pain. Looked like poison so had her to the vets immediately & they kept her there on a drip all that day & night. Tested positive for pancreatitis Weds am, then x-rayed as concerned might be a torsion. No torsion but could see something inside & a 'slight' twist. Were v anxious as her temperature was going dangerously low, so operated & rang me 6.30 to say they could find nothing but intestines v inflamed & ulcerating (old owner a vet nurse - said wd be typical from toxins). Fromus felt she should go to Newmarket so collected her once stitched up & brought round & we handed her over to their surgical team at 9pm. That vet said after doing more tests, scans & x rays they felt ok not to open her up again,  so kept her hooked up to a cocktail of fluids, pain relief & Meds overnight. As they felt her out of possible surgical intervention, she was passed into the care of the Medicdl team next morning.  They ring me twice a day & are pleased. Went over to see her y'day afternoon and she looked a different dog - bright, thrilled to see me and well. Was able to take her out for a short walk & she pulled me along but was not v happy to b returned to her 'ward' bless her. They want to get her off the fluids over the weekend and then, if assorted tests are good on Monday, will let her home. So ...  that will have been a costly walk !  Suspected cause is fungi - so much about at present & I think she could have ingested it along with a tasty morsel of manky rabbit or something. Was my vet's first thought & later I did find mushroomy bits she had sicked up in a bed. Poor dog - am so happy she will be fine though those first two days really worrying as she was not responding to treatment. Maybe yours are not the scavenging sort but only to say if dog looks at all iffy, don't hang about !  Think K was saved because she was on fluids so quickly. Not thought to be the Seasonal thing though I have sent the sicked up bits to AHT lot. 

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