Wednesday, 16 January 2013

High Tide01:02 (2.70m)
Low Tide07:29 (0.40m)
High Tide13:48 (2.30m)
Low Tide19:25 (0.80m)
Sea temperature: 4.7
Sea conditions: calm and shallow
Weather: snow and ice, temperature -5
Joined by Sara
Topics of conversation:
The Pirate's Odyssey - having left his hospital apt at 2pm yesterday The Pirate and The Pirates' wife had taken 4 hours to travel around 2 and a half miles as the 2 inches of snow and freezing temperatures had caused the city to come to a standstill. He ended up going to London as it was easier than battling his way home and he's still there! We discussed this country's inability to cope with snow and how it wasn't just the lack of planning from councils etc but that so few Brits know how to drive in snow. Legs is American/Norwegian and in her part of The States blizzards, hurricanes and ice are common; DK told us how she has the inbuilt ability to drive blind and safely into a blizzard without fear. She needs to give some of the Norfolk Numpties on the A47 a lesson, it was closed all night. I'd been looking after Bosco and Alf, who took over the sofa and generally seemed to enjoy their Home Alone experience but they were still very pleased to see me first thing so I'd brought Bosco down to the beach with me. He runs down, I had no idea! He crawls back as if he's in pain but now I see that it's just a ploy... He's not getting away with that!
La Grande Odyssee - my dog sledding friends are taking part in a sled race in the alps again this year and I'm following their blog: teratours blog They were in third place this morning but 2 of the dogs are poorly so I'm crossing fingers that they don't have to retire. Jess looked like a trekking husky this morning as her breath began to freeze around her face as it caught on the soft hairs

Jess's breath had frozen on her face - no wonder we were cold!
The Poet is live, his chat with manonabeach is on You tube for all to see and he is his usual poetic, smiling, enthusiastic self.

More Zero Dark Thirty chat as The Viking had been to a Q&A with Kathryn Bigelow and reported back to me the day before, DK was discussing the lack of character development from his point of view and we got on to watching films more than once. Sara has seen 4 films this week, a record even for her and recommended Les Miserables, which she said even her 'cynical children' had thoroughly enjoyed. She also recommended Quartet specifically to DK as the incidental characters are all played by musicians.
Sunrise from Viking Bridge
The sunrise was so stunning that I almost forgot that I needed to round up Bosco, the snow had been cleared by the tide but the evening before it had been virgin on the sand as the village is so quiet at the moment.

The first snow yesterday

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