Wednesday, 18 June 2014

High Tide 03:05 (2.40m)
Low Tide 08:50 (0.80m)
High Tide 15:06 (2.60m)
Low Tide 21:39 (0.40m)
Sea temperature: not taken
Sea conditions: Big, slow, strong waves.
Weather: warm and grey, clouds gathering
Joined by: The Usual Suspects
Topics of conversation:
The overall palette this morning was grey and silver. A magical, mercurial sea with the sun seemingly just over the horizon and moon-like, as if it was reflecting the light, not emitting it. The surface of the water moved in an unusual way too - like a liquid mirror, the waves breaking a way out. We had to wade through the shallows, which were deceptively gentle only to be met, rather randomly, by a series of large, strong and slow moving waves. The Pirate loves to throw himself into these waves, surfacing once they have passed only to prepare himself for the next battering. I prefer to get beyond them and then rise and fall in the pre-breaking swell that was so deep today that the land kept disappearing altogether. We often meet when we are taking our dogs for an evening walk and in the autumn, when is blowing strong from the south I choose to have the wind at my back and he choses to lean into it, I guess this may demonstrate something about our characters.

It began to rain as we came out of the water, which sent The Pirate's wife and granddaughter scurrying home taking Bosco with them, they had come down as we all went in, bringing the illusive Alf, who hasn't graced up with his presence for some time now. They formed a lovely group as they wandered over the bridge, silhouettes of all different shape as sizes but my hands were too wet to get a photo.
I'm hoping it will clear today as it is the AGM and 25th Anniversary reception for World Land Trust today, in a rose garden. I've seen pictures of the location and it is absolutely stunning, so much so that the invitation that went out to the council members and supporters makes room in the schedule for 'walk around the garden'. It's be a shame if it doesn't brighten up. I'm helping the SBPFG to set up her kit and caboodle for the event, and I'm quite relieved that I we had the conversation about dress code as dresses are not really my thing and we agreed that it was OK to wear trousers, especially if you are going to be on your hands and knees cabling a barn. Legs and I recently had our biannual lovely time at TK and I wish I could've had the courage to wear something I tried on - a jungle print jumpsuit, that'd have done nicely and it fitted like a glove - but I don't know the team well enough for that level of statement yet.
In other dog news Jagger had succeeded in breaking the barrier with Willow this morning and for the first time they went off hunting together, at least I think that's what they were doing, The Ellies weren't convinced he'd quite understood 'rabbits!!!' but off they went at speed. He came as far as the beach hut with us but as soon as I opened the door he scarpered, perhaps he though I was going to lock him in. Luna and Willow are going to stay with Jess today, whilst I'm away from home and they are very lucky that their garden is full of rabbits, Jess is a good rabbiter but she's beyond the age of seeing it as a daily task, so it was lovely to drop them off and seeing them all quartering the garden together too. Where does that expression 'it's a dogs life ' come from?
Happy birthday Legs! DK has many, many brownie points - Tiffany earrings - result. 
Oh crap, it's thundering, best take a brolly.

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