Saturday, 28 June 2014

High Tide00:02 (2.30m)
Low Tide05:46 (0.80m)
High Tide12:06 (2.50m)
Low Tide18:19 (0.60m)
Sea temperature: not taken today - 16.4 on Thursday.
Sea conditions: a bit murky, perfect depth, and coming in.
Weather: it had been sunny at fish but the mist had descended and brought a chill with it.
Joined by: just TBC, The LE and me today, but The Pirate's Wife came to say hello before her run, with Bosco trailing behind.
Jagger had found a new friend and was busy quailing himself with him by running round and round in circles barking a great deal. He's about three times the size of the new friend, a white Jack Russel cross, and yet the newcomer had him whipped. The Ellies have employed a trainer to work with Jagger and they are currently attempting to redress the balance of power in the household having been duped by his floppy, gentle and ever so clever manipulation of their daily lives. He had lulled them into a false sense of security by appearing to be rather an innocent unset jelly, whereas he was in fact a cunning and wily control freak who has been getting his own way. Yesterday he stole TBC's trousers, perhaps this really meant he didn't want her to leave the beach, but to stay and play?
The storm of yesterday evening was a main topic of conversation, it has cooled the temperatures from the mugginess of the day, which had started with strange dark cloud banks hanging over the land and the sea. As I'd swum alone I contemplated that had I no sense of temperature I could have been in Thailand, where there is often a dark line on the horizon and the air felt thick and still. 
There had been a sudden downpour at lunchtime and then by the time I was driving home the dark clouds had massed over the village. At around the same time the LE told us she had called in to pick up a loaf of bread, on her bike, on the way to a book reading. The heavens had opened during the book reading and just as I arrived home so we'd stayed dry, but the bread hadn't. It had been a full on tropical sounding storm, heavy rain, huge raindrops falling straight down with no wind at all and lots of deep, growling thunder. 
Double exposure creating ghost sheep!
The LE's article has been published in a local glossy magazine and I hoped to add a link here but I'm having issues with with my browser this morning, it seems to be choosing where I am allowed to go, interestingly allowing me to play a video about the new dog food I've invested in. I'm blaming The Yogi, who very kindly looked after Luna and Willow last weekend. She has introduced Maisie, her lurcher, to a new and exciting food stuff, which Luna wanted and couldn't have - so she went on strike. She has never, EVER left food in her bowl before, but having seen what Maisie was getting she refused hers. The Yogi then brought us a sample and the dogs wouldn't leave our sides till they'd had some so I've had a delivery this morning and it's quite complicated: I'll keep a note of how this goes.
As I am now officially hooked on the whole paddle board thing I have finally ordered a wetsuit, with mush support from Sara, who reviewed my choices and offered advice, both practical and sartorial. There hasn't been much been falling in, so haven't really needed it yet but that's because Jochem has made sure I've stayed on calm water so far. For my introductory lesson I paddled in the 'children's beach', a small inlet, where the water sits between the two rivers. It's tidal so at high tide he paddled over from the north side and then the next day I cycled over and paddle up river, on my own! I felt really confident and happy as I navigated around the moored boats and up under the bridge, next time I might even make it to the samphire beds. 
The children's beach with teacher.

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