Sunday, 8 June 2014

Low Tide 00:56 (0.80m)
High Tide 07:47 (2.10m)
Low Tide 13:06 (1.10m)
High Tide 19:29 (2.20m)
Sea temperature: 14. 6 Saturday 16.4 Sunday
Sea conditions: Scary Saturday, Mill pond calm Sunday
Weather: Warm both days, windy Saturday with rain later, Sunday - best day of the year
Joined by: The Usual Suspects and a couple of LOTVs this morning
Topics of conversation:
This is a weekend round up and so begins with most swimmers feeling a little jaded on Saturday following DK's take over of the village pub on Friday night for 'D-Day with DK', when he entertained the assembled company with songs from the period and songs that began with a D. Only DK could play that hard and fast with the rules and get away with it. As special consideration to those of us who didn't remember most of the songs, Dancing Queen, by Abba was included and the Dancing Queen himself gallantly tried to steer me around and back out of the dining room before I made a complete fool of myself. The evening was very well attended and when I snuck out through the kitchen at 11.30 the Architect and the remaining GGB had just ordered whiskey, as had DK so it wasn't surprising that there wasn't much banter the next day. 
The sea was boiling, there'd been strong winds overnight and it'd really put some strength into the waves. The GGBs and The Architect had planned on taking their beautifully refurbished boat Greylag out to sea but I texted to warn them of the strength of the current. However The Pirate was keen to get in, and whilst I was happy to leave them to it I realised that The Poet, our strongest swimmer, was away, so we all went in en masse. The Pirate promised to stay in the shallows as we couldn't take out feet off the sea bed without being propelled a fews meters in both directions. There was lots of hollering of the usual excited kind but then suddenly there was a squeal. TBC had been floating in the wave when it changed direction and she made contact with The LE. Whilst The LE could see this coming TBC couldn't and so thought she was being approached by a shark, as you do...
The LE and I discussed her upcoming article in a local glossy, for which she need some photos so I'd been wandering around with my camera. Once it's published I'm sure we'll be able to link to it but these pics will give you a flavour of it's topic.

Jagger is in disgrace, he had stolen Sara's googles and eaten them on Friday and today he grabbed one of the LOTV's T-Shirst and took off with it. It was white, but by the time I caught hold of it it wasn't. He's going through his acquisitive phase, Willow did this at his age, she stole anything she could, ate Phillips' wash bag and ate most of it's (Liz Earle) contents - not cheap to replace, and had a penchant for knitting, which unravelled as she carted it around the house whilst I was out. The LE had given her goggles to Sara in the meantime and the ones she was wearing today had tinted glass, which came in very handy as the sun was very, very bright as it bounced off the water.
Today DK decided Mabel should have a swim. We're not sure if she enjoyed it, she looked mightily pissed off as she came out but wagged her tail furiously and ran about with it in the air. She's not on great form this evening though, I've just had Legs on the phone saying she got out and came back most unhappy with a leg problem and shivering, possibly been stung, she's so tiny that a bee sting would be very nasty for her. Hope she's OK tomorrow.
Hope I'm OK tomorrow too, I tweaked my back this morning and am wandering around with an ice pack tied around my waist. It went as I reached up to close the car boot, but I suspect it may have something to do with carrying 9 year old girls around on my shoulders in the sea, whilst a 7 year old climbed up my front and did a summersault. Whichever it was I'm very uncomfortable and had to dip out of a trip to watch Rebel Without a Cause tonight as I thought I might not be able to get up out of my seat at the end. My film club partner has an osteopath staying and she told me to listen to my body, pack the inflammation with ice and keep moving. I told her my body felt like wandering around the orchard in my dressing gown with a glass of wine and she condoned that 100%.

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