Monday, 20 May 2013

Low Tide00:40 (0.80m)
High Tide07:37 (2.10m)
Low Tide12:49 (1.10m)
High Tide19:14 (2.20m)
Sea temperature: Not taken
Sea conditions: deep and murky but see below
Weather: Grey, damp, not quite raining
Joined by no-one
Topics of conversation:
I swam alone this morning, earlier than the others, but have received an update from The Light Entertainment, who has just found the blog and kindly wanted to keep me up to date: 

  1. The proper term for the weather is apparently "dreich", in fact today it was a dreich swim and it got dreicher.
  2. She observed that DK and The Pirate are like the Odd Couple, this is not the first time this has been mentioned, and she is quite right. The Pirate still doesn't know the film and wondered if it was 'the one where the men wear dresses?" He was thinking of Some like it Hot. 
Here we have 3 pictures, one of The Odd Couple, one of Some Like it Hot and another of The Artist and The Light Entertainment trying out their new pink shoes (the video on my phone didn't work because my fingers were still wet but I'll get some one day). I leave it to you to decide which is which.


  1. Light Ent is my mum - love the blog
    (Real name not Zoe Lush - that was some blog I did years ago, it's Lucy)

  2. Hi Lucy (or Miss Lush as you shall henceforth be known!) Thanks for your comment.