Saturday, 11 May 2013

Low Tide05:58 (0.70m)
High Tide12:17 (2.40m)
Low Tide18:19 (0.60m)
Sea temperature: 10.5
Sea conditions: little choppy waves
Weather: Typical May day - sun and cloud, cool breeze, rain later
Joined by: Sara and The Poet, The Light Entertainment and a seal
Topics of conversation:
The Seal - it was very close to the shore as we arrived but soon disappeared. The Pirate was concerned that I was comparing Sara to a seal, but she confirmed that she didn't mind and we both agreed we've been called worse.
My complete ignorance about Christianity (as I'm typing this I'm realising that I don't even know if it should have a capital C when referring to the different branches or brands as Sara called them) - I need a quick lesson from The Pirate, who is an expert, and he's shocked, stunned and horrified by my secularity. He's promised to provide me with one of his tutorials as I'm struggling to edit some work for one of my 'joblets', who is writing about the AA 12 Steps program for recovery. She is analysing the 'God as we know Him' references in relation to her upbringing through Catholicism and current Buddhist practice. It's right up The Pirate's street but perhaps I should discuss it with him away from the beach as we got rather delayed in the changing process as a result!
One of the hazards of swimming in the sea it the detritus we encounter on the shore and in the water. This morning The Pirate, Sara and I became tangled in fishing line and were very lucky not to have been hurt as the line was still weighted and had a rusty hook attached. I wear swimming shoes all year round for this reason.
Fishing bollocks
The wounded soldier, as Mertz has been called all week, has gone on a walking break with his best mate. Having really overdone it in the first week after his surgery he's been on prescribed rest since being hospitalised with infection so I was really not happy about his intention to drive 3 hours and walk the planned 20 miles today with the wound still having to be packed with seaweed and dressed every 2 days, but I've heard from him and he promises he's fine. His friend is very responsible and has agreed to carry supplies, take stock regularly and call a taxi if Mertz shows signs of tiring - I'm not sure what they would be as he's always huffing and puffing, regardless. The nurse at the surgery has been brilliant and agrees that he will have a pretty loud scar for the rest of his life, but like me she thinks he should claim its a war wound from a gun shot or shark bite. That'll be amusing when he gets back to swimming, I can just imagine him telling visitors to the beach that he's been attacked in the water...
Sara came over to approve the hut and it's quickly become my second home, I'm hoping to get a metal supplies cupboard for food and bring the canvas folding stretcher down for afternoon naps, till I can find the right kind of hammock. 

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