Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Low Tide02:31 (0.60m)
High Tide09:12 (2.30m)
Low Tide14:51 (0.90m)
High Tide21:06 (2.30m)
Sea temperature: not taken but we stayed in for longer than we have this year, so it must be warming up
Sea conditions: deep and still holding on to a swell
Weather: glorious but see below
Joined by Sara and The Poet, The Artist, The Light Entertainment
Topics of conversation:
The weather - The L.E. had seen a number of forecasts which all said it's going to change, and it has already (as I type). The village has its own micro climate, so I seldom listen to the forecast but I also have a constant commentary when Mertz is home as he's obsessed with it - I'm not as I go by the 'if you really can't change it, don't worry about it' way of life these days. Still, we all made the most of it whilst it lasted.
The lucky pebble - Sara saw it by my feet and thought I must have found it but I hadn't spotted it yet so she claimed it for the day as she has a dissertation meeting later. We agreed that its luck could be shared around amongst all the swimmers whenever we needed it, and that Sara would be the custodian. I've never found one before, nor have I found any of the ones I've thrown back into the sea. Occasionally I use pebbles to label food when I'm serving lots of unidentifiable dishes (this doesn't sound appetising, I realise), writing the name of the dish on the pebble and placing it by the dish. Then I return them. I wonder if any one has ever found a Bumbu Bali pebble?

The deli tasting evening had been a huge success, a great turn out from the village and further afield. There had been fabulous food, including the most delicious chicken liver pate I've had for a long time as well as quiche, humous/hummus and chocolates that they had made. The meats and pork pies look good and the coffee was the best I've had in Suffolk. We've already agreed to have the village website AGM there tomorrow! 

The L.E. has a new stool, it's bright green and very smart, goes rather well with the pink shoes. She kindly leant it to The Artist, who approved as it didn't squash her bottom when she sat on it! 
There may have been lots more interesting topics but I wanted to get off for a quick run, trying the new routine for the first time today and it was a success, so hopefully I'll have a couple of months of running regularly again before it gets too busy in the village and too warm for the dogs.
POST SCRIPT - forgot to mention that the seal had gone by the time I returned, so hopefully it just needed a rest.

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