Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Low Tide01:52 (0.70m)
High Tide08:44 (2.30m)
Low Tide14:17 (1.00m)
High Tide20:25 (2.30m)
Sea temperature: 12.7
Sea conditions: Big swell, deep
Weather: sunny with a damned cool breeze
Joined by: Sara and The Poet, The Artist, The Light Entertainment, The Entertainer
Topics of conversation:
Lots this week, it's been a very social slot on the beach recently and I've been away too so this is a very brief blog catch up.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to The L.E. - she hadn't told us it was her birthday so we didn't have time to prepare, but should have guessed when we saw she has joined the ranks of fishing stool owning swimmers. It was a present for her birthday. We also should have had coffee and bacon sandwiches at the hut, and Champagne, The Poet said. Perhaps we can make that a regular ritual on a weekend following a birthday, regardless of the weather.
iTMOi - Sara and The Poet and I had all been to see this, on different nights, so there was lots of chat about Akram Khan and whether he was really retiring after the next tour of Desh. iTMOi has had accurate reviews, most found it challenging, confusing and painfully beautiful: 
...a far from perfect work, fractured and oddly paced, it is through Khan's shockingly imagined chaos that we're drawn into the creative maelstrom from which art is born. (Guardian)

...the show has a sense of the evangelical, of the possessed, as the dancers gather on stage. To the sound of a thrilling new score by a trio of composers (Nitin Sawhney, Jocelyn Pook and Ben Frost), from that moment it feels as if we have entered the mind of Stravinsky, his thoughts, fears and insecurities scattering in all directions. (Metro)
iTMOi trailer 1
iTMOi trailer 2
Considering the riots with which The Rite of Spring was greeted with when it premiered 100 years ago it seems apposite that no-one can quite get their heads around it. After seeing it the Shaman and I had talked it through for a couple of hours before we went to bed and I'd had strange and venegful dreams all night, but this may have been as a result of sleeping in a room where some dormant Hopi spirits were wrapped up in tissue paper, sleeping peacefully.
The Black Dog Deli is doing rather well out of Mertz and I, even The Pirate's No. 1 son had commented that it was strange that He had bought a bag full of deliciousness in the morning and I'd done the same on my return from London the same day, we are going to have to cut back for the sake of our waistlines and our pockets, just not quite yet! I've even reactivated my Twitter account just so that I can follow them and see what's being delivered... Black Dog Deli Tweets
DK's son is our lodger at the moment as they have a house full of guests (including The Entertainment, known as such because she is an acclaimed London stage star) and he was keen to check up on his well being. I couldn't help him as he'd arrived after we'd gone to bed and wasn't up when I left for the beach. Mertz had done his level best to wake him with noises in the kitchen when he'd left at 6am and I'd done the same but apparently he slept like a log and had finally surfaced by 10.30.

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